Los 10 worst signings in the history of Deportivo La Coruna

Los 10 worst signings in the history of Deportivo La Coruna
Changui in his presentation as Depor player with Lendoiro (Photo: The voice of Galicia)

The truth is that if we look at the last few years, we could find some of the worst signings in the history of Deportivo de la Coruña. But we won't go that far.

Go ahead in this type of lists there is always a subjective touch and everyone will have their opinion but, surely, Most of the supporters of RC Deportivo La Coruna will agree that, players analyzed below, They are among the worst players or at least many of those who have not performed wearing the shirt of the Riazor team.

Who are some of the worst signings in the history of Deportivo de la Coruña?


Sergio Daniel “Butter” Martinez arrived in the Spanish League this season 1997-1998. The Uruguayan player had triumphed in Argentina Boca Juniors and flattered his move to Deportivo fans. However, charrúa numbers as white player is not helped worst. Just 3 games in his first season (one Cup and 2 of League), none as a starter and, of course, ningún gol. The season 1998-1999 even he got to play any minute and finally returned home to retire in National.


Definitely, a character in the world of football. To his 41 years, Sebastian Abreu still active in the Audax Italiano of Chile league. The passage of 'El Loco’ the Spanish league in the ranks of Depor also left much to be desired. In the whole season played Riazor 1997-1998, precisely with the 'Manteca’ Martínez. His numbers were slightly better (something that was not very complicated). Juice 15 matches and scored 3 goals. Enough for a player who had also generated a lot of expectations. Almost 10 years later he returned to the League to defend the colors of the Royal Society in Second where I did have a more prominent role with 11 goals and achieving promotion.


Another failure in the history of the Depor front. Changui, he had scored many goals in Galician teams like Compostela and Pontevedra, Coruña reached but never much trust in their possibilities. He was loaned to several teams and played only 13 minutes over two league games with the shirt deportivista 2004-2005. He also had a minute and Champions Cup that year, always playing inconsequential minutes. His only career start against the Cup was in Cerceda. And if that was not enough, Depor was sentenced to pay 39 millions pesetas shortly after being fired.


Surely, seeing the big picture of the other players we have discussed above, Renaldo numbers were not all bad in Coruña. However, the fact that the player in his presentation as new player deportivista claimed it was a mix between Ronaldo and Rivaldo, eloped not really going for it. In his first season, the 96-97, juice 23 games and scored 5 goals. Then he was loaned to Las Palmas, Lleida and Extremandura, all second division and left with more pain than glory.


A very curious case of the player in his playing Deportivo. He debuted with the first team on the same day he did Messi, however it goes without saying that their careers have been very different. After playing 5 years at Aris Thessaloniki Greek, It was loaned to Deportivo in 2011. However, never got to wear the shirt because deportivista, directly, FIFA never granted his tránsfer. The assignment of 6 months ended without debut and went to Olympiakos.


The Argentine arrived on loan to the blue and white team in the winter market of the season 2010-2011 from Al Ain to change 500.000 euros. Depor, besides, It agreed an option to purchase 3 temporda million at the end of that, in the case of not exercising, him to pay 500.000 euros his club. Argentina played 208 minutes spread over 5 coruñés parties and descended to Second Division team not exercising that option.


Another curious signing. The Norwegian Defense signed in 2010-2011 and only he participated in 4 meetings. Besides, how to dismiss him was not very orthodox. When the player traveled to Norway for the birth of his son, Depor him that he was withdrawing the tab to make room for the new additions.


Following the line of surrealistic signings, we find Evaldo. The Portuguese player reached Coruna season 2012-2013 and he played 15 matches Depor's shirt. Curiously, Evaldo played without residence permits or work so the Galician side was fined by the government subdelegation. Things that happen.


They do not think we ended up with curiosities. Peter Rufai He reached the goal of Hércules de Alicante in the season 1996-1997. From there, Deportivo signed him in which was 2 seasons in which he played just 9 parties. The curious thing about Rufai's case is that he was the son of King Rufai of Idimu, a region of the city of Lagos, former capital of Nigeria. So it was a Nigerian prince. His performance as a goalkeeper left much to be desired but we must recognize that the interest rate will put.


By last, We include the Serbian in this list Branco Milovanovic. Deportivo midfielder arrived in 95-96 with high expectations but soon fell into a fiasco. In his first season he played only 12 parties, 4 as a holder. Later, with the arrival of Rivaldo team record he ran out and had to pack up and become a globetrotter. He played in Portugal, Greece, Belgium to return to his country where boots hang with just 31 years.

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