Large pufos of the Spanish League: Cristiano Lucarelli

Large pufos of the Spanish League: Cristiano Lucarelli
Cristiano Lucarelli, the "Toro" Livorno.

Cristiano Lucarelli was a classic in front of the modest teams from Italy and some Italian leagues. But nevertheless, its journey in the Spanish League could not be worse. In the late 90's, in particular between 1996-1998, Valencia CF had the honor of signing possibly some of the worst players who have walked the now called Liga BBVA.

The set valencianista, although not the only one at that time, I did pretty bad for a while on transfer refers, bringing some names that are remembered between Valencia and not just parish on its merits on the lawn of the ancient Mestalla.

In 1998 He came to the capital of the Turia; Cristiano Lucarelli or as it was known the “Livorno bull”.In those moments confusion reigned, exaggerated television rights and the football world full blast of the Bosman law was.

The truth, that of “Toro” you came in handy to our friend Lucarelli, because it was a real center forward wardrobe closet type with more than 1,88 cm height and more kilos of desired. With waist bigger than all the Mestalla stadium, He failed miserably, leaving a wealth of 12 parties and 1 goal. To top, He was seriously injured.

After leaving Valencia, It fared better. He played in many teams in the Italian league and the Shacktar Donest Ukraine. He finished his career last 2012, Napoli, in one of the great. He scored goals in all computers where it was least in the Valencia which remain in history as one of the players who dressed with more pain than glory of the Valencia shirt set.



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