Grandes fluffy League: Emmanuel Petit

Grandes fluffy League: Emmanuel Petit

In 1998 Emmanuel Petit France won the World Cup he and his team were hosts. I did as one of the key pieces of a selection that would make history. At the same time, this French long blond ponytail and image heartthrob ninety, he was triumphing in the ranks of that same year Arsenal had swept the Premier and had also won the FA Cup. This rose their price to the extent that in the year 2000 and part of the ten billion pesetas that Barcelona had charged for the transfer of Real Madrid, He decided to invest in this player promised to be a complete player.

Born in 1970, passing through the Barcelona was a disaster more so after side 2500 million old pesetas and having put a dizzying salary. Curdle not reached either within or outside the country where their stay apart unproductively for the club and being an economic ruin, It was a real hell for the French. So he came to have in his memoirs where he went on to state that the directors of Barcelona at that time “They were a liantes, They seemed carpet sellers”.

also he sent to be his coach Lorenzo Serra Ferrer who came to call “and incompetent clown”. Its location in Barcelona was such that recognized that training often left crying and even got to install a Punching Ball in your garage to not end up attacking anyone because he said he came to “feel like hurting someone”.

Possibly, that Barcelona is the worst of the past three decades and is managing Joan Gaspart, It will not go down in history as one of the best and on transfer, economic or sports where he came to hold a fourth in 2001 after that goal by Chilean Rivaldo at the last minute. A time that now seem so very far especially in the conditions in which the Spanish professional soccer moves now.

Overmars is Small, two dilapidated signings for Barcelona 2000.
Overmars is Small, two dilapidated signings for Barcelona 2000.

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