The teams that have not been league champions for the longest years

The teams that have not been league champions for the longest years
Tottenham is one of the teams that has not been league champion for the longest time. PHOTO:

All clubs want to obtain a title year after year. But there are some who haven't been able to do it for decades!! Let's review which are the most relevant.

The clubs with the longest years without obtaining a title

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So, Which clubs won a league title in the past, but they haven't done it for several years? Pay attention, Well, these could be “surprise” candidates this season:

Genoa – 1924

El Genoa Cricket and Football Club, based in Genoa, Italia, It is one of the oldest clubs in Italian football. Their last league title dates back to 1924, when they won the Italian Serie A. Despite having a rich history and having had outstanding seasons, including runners-up, Genoa have failed to capture another league title since then. The fans have been patiently waiting for their team to once again reach the top of Italian football..

Newcastle – 1927

In England, Newcastle United is a club with a passionate fan base and is now returning to its peak after million-dollar investments. However, their last league win in the First Division (now known as the Premier League) It dates back to 1927. Although the club has had brilliant moments in recent history, including participations in European competitions, fans have seen how their team has fought to regain the league title that has eluded them for decades.

Sevilla – 1946

Sevilla FC, a club that has had significant success in the Europa League, has faced a drought in its national league, The Spanish league. Their last league title dates back to 1946. Despite this long period without winning the league, Sevilla has managed to achieve success in other competitions, like the UEFA Europa League, which has allowed them to keep hope alive among their followers that one day they will be able to recover the domestic title. Can they get LaLiga again?

Tottenham – 1961

Tottenham Hotspur FC is a London club with a rich history in English football. However, their last first division league title was in 1961. Despite having had moments of brilliance in other competitions, such as the FA Cup and the League Cup, The Premier League title has eluded Tottenham in recent decades. Fans long to see their team celebrate a league title again. It will be complicated, because the Premier League is very competitive.

Bologna – 1964

Bologna FC, one of the oldest clubs in Italy, have had an extended period without capturing a league title. Their last victory in Serie A was in 1964. Over the years, Bologna has faced ups and downs in its performance, but has failed to claim the league title for decades, leaving fans waiting for a successful revival. Nowadays, They are more worried about not descending than anything else.

Do you think any of these teams will win a title again??

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