The best sports journalists (concerning football)

The best sports journalists (concerning football)
José María García, possibly, the best sports journalist in history.

Sports journalists are sometimes many more famous than the players themselves. his passion, the zeal with which they do their work and the multitude of fans always make them popular media stars. Although there are many good, Today we will focus on those who focus their work primarily in the world of football. Here is our list of preferences:

1- José María García: the man who had the honor of congregating millions and millions of people to “Stroke of Midnight”. Tenacious, passionate, an SUV with an indefatigable sense of work, his style has marked a before and after, While living programs had only to imitate him. Abrazafarolas, correveidiles, the data eye, Top, Empire Monopoly, There are so many coletillas, in just four lines it is not explained almost nothing about the life of this man. The complaint, and sometimes, the insult was part of arguably the best sports journalist in the history of Spain. His followers revere him, his detractors fear and hate.

2- Manolo Lama: your resume says it all. Cycling, basketball, football…the list is long. Usually lead teams or sent to World Games, because among other things means all. It is one of the journalists working there, While one wonders when resting. TV, Radio and press are some of the media where he can see, hear or read almost every day. Voice selection and Real Madrid. It appears even in video games.

3- Paco González: Carousel Man, Now Game Time. An expert to see several games at once, and all with the utmost care. If anything can be said about him, It is that usually creates a great atmosphere among their peers and listeners. Something, definitely, not everyone does.

Brown, Lama and González, three brothers Radio.
Brown, Lama and González, three brothers Radio.

4- Juan Manuel Gozalo: Juan Manuel Gozalo was the voice of Radiogaceta Sports until a damn disease took him. In all that time it was much, left samples of passion and love for all sports, and especially for his Racing. Eleven Olympic Games and six years as president of the National Futsal League punctuate his career.

5- Manu Carreño: news presenter, magazines, Voice Selection, director of Carousel, of evening programs or presenter of the Sports section of Manolos. His versatility is such that any day we see from the moon narrating a new sport. Always yes, with humor.

6- Alfredo Martinez: School Gaspar Rosety. Singing a goal represents a supreme effort, the biggest screams, the search for maximum impact. If you are on this list, it is because live football as a profession and a passion.

7- José Ramón de la Morena: two great things owed to Brunete. Support to grassroots football by creating smaller tournaments Brunete where few stars have gone no, and the emergence and consolidation of talk shows and opinion. In that sense, de la Morena is a precursor and the man who defeated Garcia.

8- Julio Maldonado: football specialist. Thousands of games, videos and a superhuman ability to remember players and games, While ever it seems that invents on unknowing people. It is a pioneer in this style and if something has happened in the world of football, “Maldini” he knows. That's clear.

9- José Angel House: because in a world where shouting and raising his voice prevails, It does journalism from another perspective, putting common sense by storm. It is not stridently, or a man seeking to draw attention, partly because you do not need, everyone already knows. its strong, not generate hatred, Which is no small thing. Voice narratives over Spain 25 years and famous for his duet with michel. The narrative of Spain-Malta is still with us.

10- all those journalists Anonymous They are living in the shadow of many others without whose efforts would not be possible to draw significant and important issues of complaint put on alert society. Plus, many of them do in precarious conditions and under the shadow of manipulation.

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