Javier Clemente, controversial and charismatic at the same time

Javier Clemente, controversial and charismatic at the same time
Javier Clemente, always as peculiar as authentic. PHOTO: Twitter

Javier Clemente is possibly one of the most controversial coaches in history, especially Spanish football. Clear and direct language and the always very clear things, the Barakaldo, rarely been silent I thought what has gotten him into a thousand and one battles with journalists, players, rivals, executives and who put him ahead. Such a controversial person as charismatic. Let's remember some of his most curious situations.

He was a good soccer player

Born in 1950, Clemente was a cook before friar is to say it was a professional footballer, one of the brightest of his generation. They say of him that he was a fine player with good ball handling. With a style of play that is very contrary to what he has always exhibited as a coach.

In fact, He debuted 18 years at the professional level and had to withdraw after a serious injury. He played his first game with the first team of Athletic Bilbao in September 1968 and in November 1969 he received a harsh Marañon input, then the player Sabadell, who he was seriously injured. After trying without much success to recover five operations, Clement retired as a player in 1975.

The beginning of Javier Clemente as a coach

As I coach, Barakaldo blonde has gone through many teams. Was the coach who made Athletic League champion twice, 1982-83 Y 83-84 well do Cup champion that year in the final which went down in history for the battle against Barcelona at the Bernabeu. A fight that had important part Maradona, that avenged hard injury had caused Goikoetxea, A few months earlier after a kick that bordered on criminal. Just the good of Clemente said this at the time:

"I told Goiko it was hard to Maradona, but it is that I was told that Maradona was a god of football, Since when the gods are injured? It's not my fault, I was misinformed ... "

He was also the coach of that Espanyol team that reached the UEFA final in 1988, when it was a double game and what wasted a 3-0 in the first leg against Bayer Leverkusen. As is known, It was also the coach of Spain from 1992 until 1998 when a bad World in France, He left him out. It was during his time as coach of Spanish combined, He became famous for having many run-ins with players, coaches and journalists.

The most controversial and direct Javier Clemente

In 1994, asked why he didn't take Paco Buyo to the World USA 94, He went on to say that “Placido Domingo sang more” and famous was his bad relationship with players of the time like Michel. With the press, I always saw them was pricked. Is the little-known love affair with Manolo Lama who came to say :

“I would have been well Manolo Lama had died in 1987. He was not killed by the singing of a hard”

Clemente has always been a globetrotter football. In addition to the aforementioned Athletic Bilbao and Espanyol that he trained in several stages and Spanish Selection, Barakaldo blond headed Atletico Madrid where he met another bomb, Jesus Gil, Betis, Real society, Marsella, Tenerife, the Serbia, Murcia, the Cameroon Sporting Gijon and Libya to champion made another African Nations Cup.

In his time at the Betis he had pricked with a swollen when they came to haunt several fans in plan menacing but the good Javi, He made clear the situation:

"Yesterday there were seven guys waiting for me at the exit. I can not so many albeit in Bilbao. If they were two or three if, but they were too "

While at Sporting Gijon, I will mess insults with a reporter who called scoundrel. It was the only way out of Clemente during the press conference and the good Javi has never been a public relations expert. One of the last of Javi has been a strong message to the president of the LFP, Javier Tebas to which he dedicated these six tweets:

“Leo Thebes that he put the willies to see in the hands of who we are. What hairs? If you are bald”.

“Shame is that you should be president of the LFP when you left uncollected players and coaches contract. And you take it raw”.

“FEF president has been elected by all the Spanish football and by whom you ready? Do you do well the contract with Rouras? And the clubs?

“Tebas what you do best is to want evil people, You're always a dangerous guy with complaints: You're a lawyer and you get the dough”.

“In addition Thebes football you know nothing. If the amateur football is not protected (FEF) there would be professionals in a few years”.

“You have to go to the Government, with a chicken like you, problems would be over. Anyone who disagrees with you to jail no longer a problem”

Word of Javier Clemente, as quirky as controversial and charismatic par but after all a real kind that does not hide what you think type. One of the classics and history of Spanish football.
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