What was Bosman, the man who changed football?

What was Bosman, the man who changed football?
Bosman changed the history of European football. But he didn't do well afterwards. PHOTO: Google

Jean-Marc Bosman changed football to mid 90's. He did not win a World Cup or a European Championship or Ballon d'Or, He not even was a top player, but, He changed the sport. He 15 from December to 1995 It was approved the call “Ley Bosman” in honor of the player that led. But what was this law?, Why changed football?

Who was Jean-Marc Bosman?

In the early 90's, Jean-Marc Bosman I was trying to make a decent career in the world of football. As we have said before, It was not an elite player but had its market within their means. At those moments, Bosman, He played in RFC Liege and received the opportunity to play in France, in the rows of modest Dunkerque.

At that time within the European Union could move freely between countries whenever citizen of any of the affiliated countries outside the Union. In the world of football it was not so, there were limits to foreigners were European or elsewhere in the world. In Spain could only play three and four during the team were French, Portuguese the African.

Bosman on entry to that court 15 from December to 1995.
Bosman on entry to that court 15 from December to 1995. PHOTO: Brand

The point is that the conflict between Bosman, RFC Liege and French Dunkerque, It ended up in the European Court that ended suppressing a series of clauses that had a number of side effects including the free market in football. A) Yes, European players were no longer becoming foreign nationals to become members of the Union and promoting the free market. Bosman Law as, changed football and he encouraged the current model with players of different nationalities within a team.

What happened to the man who changed football?

Besides, the player received an amount that today would be approximated 780.000 euros compensation and disappeared from the map until recently. ¿What happened with Bosman, the man who changed football?, as it ended badly, very badly. He remained unemployed, no team wanted to sign him. She lost her marriage, which he had two sons, all his money and ended in abject poverty. I had to go live with his parents where he finished detained in the garage. inveterate alcoholic, gained weight a lot of kilos and alopecia was fattened with him.

To make matters worse, he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend and her daughter. The Law Bosman changed football and it seems that changed her life to him, but worse. He currently lives thanks to state aid. A bad ending for a man who in his own way, It is football history.

Jean-Marc Bosman today.
Jean-Marc Bosman today. PHOTO: Public

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