Large pufos of the Spanish League: Renaldo

Large pufos of the Spanish League: Renaldo
Like Ronaldo but without the 0. This is how Renaldo defined himself in his presentation as a Depor player. PHOTO: AS

Did you remember Renaldo? This Brazilian footballer remained in popular memory (maybe in an exaggerated way) as one of the largest pufos in the history of the Spanish League. This Brazilian arrived in the winter market of the League of stars 1996-97 Deportivo La Coruna, left discrete numbers, few benefits, for the money that the A Coruña club paid for his transfer and a multitude of jokes about his figure, especially because the player himself, He was a slave to his words in his presentation as a Depor footballer.

Renaldo, como Ronaldo but with the e

And it is that when the Brazilian striker arrived from Atlético Mineiro to Deportivo de la Coruña in the winter market of 1997, two other Brazilian stars who triumphed in the League were in full swing, Rivaldo Y Ronaldo, with those who Renaldo only matched most of the name. At least for everyone except him who perhaps saw more things in common with them.

Unfortunately for him, decided to start strong his career in the Spanish League proclaiming in his presentation that he was the “mix” Ronaldo and Rivaldo, to conclude that it was as Ronaldo but without or, almost insisting that the only differences that separated them, They were simply orthographic. At those moments, Ronaldo was the best striker in the world by far and Rivaldo one of the most talented players in world football.

High expectations ate the footballer

Faced with such prospects, people were waiting to see the game alleged high-level Brazilian star. The truth is that with such órdago, It was logical crashing. Renaldo I note 5 goals in 23 games with Deportivo, very little baggage for a striker who had taken 350 millions of pesetas, which were many pesetas at that time.

Although regardless of their numbers that were not the best, He left the impression of being a player who was presumed level with his triumphant arrival in La Coruna. His failure as a mitigating one can argue a terrible circumstance that the player suffered during his first months in Coruña. The player sadly lost his parents and his brother. In the end Renaldo was among the worst signings in the history of Deportivo Coruna.

Renaldo ended up lost between multiple assignments in Second

The Brazilian in view of his poor performance in A’Coruña, ended up on loan from multiple Second Division teams such as Lleida O Las Palmas where he had his best performance with 15 goals in the silver category. He also played in the missing Extremadura CF forerunner of the current Extremadura UD, with which he scored one goal and descended to Second B, concluding a very little successful career in Spanish football. Except in Las Palmas where he managed to see something of him as a striker.

This is how Renaldo posed for the newspaper As in his time as a Las Palmas footballer. PHOTO: As

He was one of those footballers who arrived after the approval of the ‘Ley Bosman‘ and the 'boom’ of the televisions that brought players of a very dubious level to the Spanish League, thanks in part to representatives and presidents who took advantage of this circumstance to earn a few millions at the expense of suspicious transactions. League All-Star, It was also full of smashed and this Brazilian, It was perhaps one of the leaders of that dubious ranking.

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