The last five scorers classic Spanish soccer stadiums

The last five scorers classic Spanish soccer stadiums
Juanlu scored the last goal in first in the old San Mames.

Hace un tiempo, you talk about cinco estadios clásicos y desaparecidos del fútbol español . Today, thanks to the suggestion of one of our readers, we tell who were the scorers last five classics of Spanish football very mythical stadiums and, five stages that closed that day his story and these players were fortunate enough to go down in history as his last scorers. What you have.

1-San Mames: the legendary Cathedral closed in 2013 after more than a century to make way for a new cathedral a few meters from the old. The last game played there was an Athletic-Levante ended with victory granota 0-1. The author of the last goal at San Mames First was the work of Juanlu, a specialist in important goals for Levante man.

Curiously, the last official goal was also the work of a player Levante, Roger Martí since the stadium, He closed with a match between Athletic subsidiaries and the Levant in the promotion to 2nd and ended with a tie 2 Valencia striker being Levante the latest official scorer in the history of San Mamés.

2-Atocha: como ya te contamos en nuestro artículo: the last player who scored a goal in Atocha , Oceano Andrade da Cruz fue el último jugador en marcar un gol en Atocha. Was a 13 June 1993 and despite not being a natural goalscorer, He scored a goal that fans will remember donostiarras, the goal that closed the history of Atocha, the legendary Coliseum donostiarra for decades. With his goal, Portuguese lock so 80 años de barro y partidos míticos y también la mejor era de la Real Sociedad que consiguió ser campeón de Liga con Atocha como feudo inexpugnable.

The goal of Oceano, It was the last of the history of Atocha.
The goal of Oceano, It was the last of the history of Atocha.

3-sarriá: the mythical stadium “Periquitos” closed its doors in 1997. The last match played there was a Espanyol-Valencia and against all odds, the last scorer españolista ancient stadium was a man who was not given to that luck, to celebrate a goal. It was nothing more and nothing less than Ivan Campo and he did as a player of Valencia in a match that ended 3-2 for Espanyol but Ivan Campo, It was the last who scored there.

4-Carlos Tartiere: Oviedo spent his best years in the old Carlos Tartiere, In fact the new, First Divisió hardly knows and has hosted more matches Segunda B and Tercera that the top flight. Quite the contrary that the old-Oviedo coliseum. He 2000 was the year in which the stadium began closing and last goalscorer was a young player playing at the Royal Society and later became a classic in the Numancia and Levante. Barkero was the last scorer old Tartiere in a party that won the Royal Society.

5-Luis Sitjar: mallorquinista old stadium gave way to a more modern as Son Moix stadium Iberostar later called these things of modern football. The old Sitjar lived many afternoons and evenings of First Division and closed in the late twentieth century with a win 2 a 0 and the last goal of Stankovic, an entire franchise player in the team Palma.

Luis Sitjar Majorca. Photo:
Luis Sitjar Majorca. Photo:

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