Five players who you thought had already retired from football

Five players who you thought had already retired from football

Surely you did not remember them and even you thought were already former players but not, These five players are playing football. Even in minor leagues and teams that possibly have never heard, these five old cracks still playing professional football. What you have.

1-Nicolas Anelka: French has gone through 12 teams, Mumbai City last Super League ended India where many old glories.

2-Fredrik Ljunberg: in the same place as Anelka plays the famous Swedish player Fredrik Ljumberg, yes, underpants announcing former Arsenal. He retired from professional football in 2012 and he came 2014 to play in the Mumbai City.

3-Walter Samuel: the “Wall” as they called, He had an unfortunate step by Real Madrid but a very successful career in Italy. After the last stage in the Inter looked like it had disappeared from the scene but moved to Switzerland to play in Basel where he has a couple of years.

4-Eidur Gudjohnsen: Icelandic blond playing in Barcelona and has gone through many teams, still playing professional football team that played in the Champions League and later Europe. Eidur good plays for FC Molde.

5-Pike: If you played the FIFA Football or PC since the last years of the last century certainly you remember you from Lúcio. Brazilian defender who played in Germany and Italy continues to play in India in the FC Goa.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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