The story of Káiser, non footballer who played 20 years

The story of Káiser, non footballer who played 20 years
The story of Carlos Henrique Raposo rose to fame already in the 21st century. PHOTO: Wikipedia

The story of Carlos Henrique Raposo It's so absurd that it seems incredible. Something comparable to Leonardo Di Caprio's role in the great movie “Catch Me If You Can” in which a young conman becomes a millionaire while being pursued by an FBI agent played by Tom Hanks. Since reality is stranger than fiction, In Spain we have little Nicholas and in the world of football the case of Ali Dia that we already told you.

But Kaiser, as they called him, Carlos Henrique Raposo, the leaves everyone in fans. Can you imagine being a professional footballer for 20 years without knowing if the ball is round or square?, not imagine because we bring another one of those stories of those that leave you with your mouth open.

Who was Carlos Henrique Raposo aka Kaiser, the non-footballer?

Legend has it about this curious character who played during 20 years teams from Brazil, USA, Mexico and France without knowing him a ball. As they say, your pitch were the clubs where he devoted himself to making relationships with players of Brazilian elite of the time getting well, which will include as a condition for signing, in the handover that took them to their new teams. Once there, Carlos Henrique Raposo, He is feigning an injury and spent a few months in dry dock charging and living like a lord.

The story seems far fetched but possible for a limited time…but it lasted two decades. It looks like, Kaiser as he was called in honor of the true, to the great Beckenbauer, He looked amazing with an athletic physique and an extroverted character.. According to their statistics, played during 20 years and did not play or 20 parties, incredible but true. According to players of the time and friends of Kaiser such as Ricardo Rocha: “He could not even hit the ball”.

According to Wikipedia, These are the numbers Raposo.
According to Wikipedia, These are the numbers Raposo.

But how was something like this possible??

But at this point in history they will wonder how you will be 20 years as a professional footballer without knowing how to play, it seems with all kinds of ruses. From getting companion ladies for all his colleagues in order to get favors to forcing situations so comical and absurd that they could appear in any fiction series like Do you want to know them?? surely yes.

Has its legend (because it sounds so incredible that it seems) one day I had to call because there was no one else on the team and he had to take the field. As its level was so poor and not want to be discovered, he fought with a fan for being kicked out the field. When the coach entered the locker room after the game it was going to eat but Káiser you see that was a con artist told : “God took me a father, Now that you have given me another I will not let anyone insult”. according count, Coach he swallowed and forgave him.

Carlos Henrique Raposo
Fox says he caught for two decades. PHOTO: GOOGLE

The best anecdotes of Carlos Henrique Raposo

Another of the stories that are told about the peculiar “KAISER” It is that one day came to a presentation and met there were people in the same. They made him go out onto the field and there was a ball for the usual photo giving the typical touches.. Without thinking twice he threw into the crowd and began kissing the coat and got out as a big of a very embarrassing situation for him.

Another of the great anecdotes told about him is that he was capable of appearing with one of those suitcase mobile phones. 80 and sticking the goop speaking English into believing that half of Europe was after him. Obviously it is caught up and that could not even speak English. And at this point, you will continue wondering how this guy could deceive so many clubs for many years…as he himself explains.

He signed the contract risk, which lasted a few months where getting fake injuries and even force them with the help of colleagues I asked him and beat those who paid with favors as described above. A) Yes, He charged during those months, then getting another team and so for twenty years. An artist of his own, definitely.

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