Some of the most notorious cases of players who used cocaine

Algunos de los casos más sonados de futbolistas que consumían cocaína

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Football goes far beyond what happens unique and simple in the field. Around him there are a multitude of issues that can be key in the career of a professional player, as success, combined with money and fame, They can end in disaster. There have been many cases of players who ended up in the news because of their life-sporting, several of them for drug have shown.

Here are the most striking cases of high-level players who have tested positive for cocaine exposed:

– Rene Higuita. The legendary Colombian goalkeeper had a career black end of the year confirmed 2004 taking these substances.

– Caniggia. The Argentine side of the Roma tested positive for the year 1993 in a subsequent control to a match against Naples.

– Julio Alberto. For this player F.C. Barcelona was one of the highlights when trying, even, suicide.

– Sasa Curcic. One of the greatest players of all time in the former Yugoslavia, despite not testing positive during his career short, He confessed to having come to spend all the money garnered in his career in drugs.

– Maradona. Too bad one of the largest in the history of the sport saw tarnished his time on the grass by the flirtation with cocaine. His story, unfortunately, It will be linked to the terrible mistake of playing with these substances besides a ball.

– Dani Benitez and José Angulo. El Granada C.F, He has had to be forced to suspend, up to two occasions, to two players after having checked taking cocaine. Dani Benitez, more recently, Jose Angulo, players called to play a crucial role in the box Nazari, were the stars.

No obstante, por desgracia, This list does not end here. She could add the names of Francesco Flachi, Mark Iuliano, Jake Livermore, etc.

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