3 + 1 soccer tournaments for this summer

3 + 1 soccer tournaments for this summer
Wembley acogerá la final de la Eurocopa.

We already know that 2020 it was a complicated year, también para el King sport. There have been many difficulties in celebrating the most important events and, now, we have a good number of them ahead of us to enjoy.

Hoy te traemos the three best tournaments of this summer and one more that takes place in October, so you can enjoy your favorite footballers before the club seasons start. further, podrás apostar en Betway Peru para darle todavía más emoción al fútbol: you encourage yours and you get a little extra money.


  • Euro 2020 (11 June to 11 of July)

It was impossible for UEFA to play the European Championship as it should have been, so he moved it to this year (even so, seguirá siendo la EURO 2020). They will be played in 12 different venues: Amsterdam, Baku, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Roma, Saint Petersburg and Seville. The semifinals and final of the tournament will be played at Wembley.

Portugal is the last champion, even though France parece tener el equipo más potente. Germany also arrives with force, and Spain is always the favorite even if their call was not what was expected.

  • Copa America (11 June to 10 of July)

On the same dates as the Euro, al fútbol americano le toca vibrar también este año. Colombia may celebrate sport tal y como iba a hacerlo en año pasado, and Betway has already prepared the best odds for these matches.

Neymar tendrá que defender el trofeo en la Zona Norte, Y Messi tratará de llevar (maybe for the last time) his Argentina to victory from the South Zone. Qatar and Australia would be as guests, although they will not participate in the end.

  • Nations League and CONCACAF Gold Cup (June and 10 July to 1 of August)

Also in CONCACAF he had to move his two main tournaments to the 2021. The CONCACAF Nations League se resolverá a principios de junio, giving the last qualifiers for the Gold Cup.

Mexico defiende este último título en tierras estadounidenses, and this time Qatar will participate to test its potential for next year's World Cup. On the first day of August we will meet the champion.

  • UEFA Nations League (6 al 10 October)

In case the EURO wasn't enough 2020, Europa seguirá de fiesta futbolística con la UEFA Nations League. We have already entered the last rounds of the competition, and at the beginning of October the semifinals and final will take place in Milan and Turin.

Italy - Spain Y Belgium - France son las dos semifinales para el 6 Y 7 October, and the day 10 the final will be played. This tournament, also, opens the stakes for the Qatar World Cup 2022; and Betway offers will soon start to appear.

This is all you need to know for these days to come, llenos de important moments for world football. I jotted down all the dates on the calendar, and enjoy the quality of the best players in their national teams. Everyone knows that the important thing is to participate, but doesn't a victory taste better?

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