The most expensive equipment Mexico

The most expensive equipment Mexico

What are the most expensive equipment in Mexico in 2015?. With the arrival of signings as notorious as Ike Uche, Jürgen Damm, Javier Aquino and Andre-Pierre Gignac, three of them from leagues such as the Spanish and the Mexican, Tigres has broken the Mexican market. But nevertheless, their rivals have not wanted to be left behind and invest in strengthening their squads to the maximum. These are the most expensive equipment in Mexico.

  1. tigers. With the signings that we have commented before, the Tigres squad reaches the 53 millions of dollars. A budget that would be within a normal range in a big league in Europe but really high for the American market. He has one of the best squads not only in Mexico but in the continent, especially after the incorporations.
  2. Chivas. The Guadalajara team is the second most expensive in Mexico. However despite having a good budget, Chivas stays far from the first place. It is valued at 40 millions of dollars , not negligible for a team that is obliged to always fight for everything.
  3. America. They say it's the biggest team in Mexico. At least it was one of the most expensive of all until the emergence of teams like Tigres whose investment has grown in a big way. Those of the Azteca will count for this opening 2015 with a budget of 39 million dollars and with one of the highest paid players in Mexican soccer, Oribe Peralta.
  4. Monterrey. Tigres' rival in Nueva León is also among the five most expensive teams in Mexico. One thing is clear, in Monterrey city they bet on soccer. Rayados' staff is priced at about 37-38 millions of dollars. A budget similar to that used by his rival Tigres before the jump given in the form of signings last June.
  5. Lion. La Fiera will manage a staff of 32 million dollars and completes the table of the five most expensive teams in Mexican soccer for the Apertura Tournament of 2015.
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