Doha Port Stadium: an artificial peninsula for a golf real treat for the World 2022

Doha Port Stadium: an artificial peninsula for a golf real treat for the World 2022
Doha Port Stadium, an artificial island for a luxury stadium

If there is any place with capacity stadiums in the middle of nowhere, that is Doha. the emirate, which will host the next world 2022, will seek to surprise the eyes of the world and for that, plans to create a sports arena in the middle of a peninsula. Is an artificial island that the Qataris believe in their quest to overcome the limits of imagination.

A model who once sought Levante in the port of Valencia, but now will do come from the hand of the millionaire investments planned for the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East. The facility will have all sorts of luxuries both outside and inside. Inside, It is provided as in the other fields of the World, create a cooling system that ensures that both players and public are below 27 degrees Celsius, to combat the intense heat provided.

DOHA STADIUM, A marvel of engineering

Endowed with a capacity of 45.000 viewers, Of course, all they are sitting in armchairs of maximum comfort, highlight is, definitely, facade, which is right opposite the port city, and simulating the shape of a marine animal. To further beautify the landscape, The stadium is surrounded by a beautiful grove that forms a huge corridor through which visitors arrive.

maybe, without the magic and history of a stadium with many years and games behind him, but with the illusion of being one of the most avant-garde of those exist in the coming years, El Doha Port Stadium will change its appearance to the end of the competition to become a stage 25.000 viewers will host various events. All of them, evidently, with the glamor that gives have port a few meters.

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