The ten top scorers in the history of Boca

The ten top scorers in the history of Boca
Palermo is the 2nd top scorer in the history of Boca.

Football is much more than a sport is nothing new. There are countries across our planet in this game live differently. Countries where the word goal is heard, is pronounced, he cries and feels specially. One of these countries is, precisely, Argentina, which has clubs whose shirts carry a past, glorious present and future. Wear the colors of this equipment is not available to everyone.

A clear example is the case of Boca Juniors, an entity of legend that very few manage to trace. Cradle of excellent players like Riquelme and Maradona himself, He was responsible for having among its ranks front of a quality and huge talent. Here are the 10 men who more times defending saw that shield door:

1. Roberto Eugenio CHERRO: 210 goals in 286 matches.

2. Martin Palermo: 193 goals in 303 matches.

3. Domingo Tarasconi: 193 goals in 238 matches.

4. Francisco VARALLO: 181 goals in 210 matches.

5. Jaime Sarlanga: 115 goals in 193 matches.

6. Mario Emilio BOYE: 112 goals in 208 matches.

7. Delfín Benítez Cáceres: 108 goals in 162 matches.

8. Sergio Daniel Martínez: 87 goals in 164 matches.

9. Guillermo Barros Schelotto: 86 goals in 300 matches.

10. Pedro Calomino: 82 goals in 180 matches.

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