The best Russian players in history

The best Russian players in history
Who are the best Russian players in history? PHOTO: Google

Who are the best Russian players in history? Russia went through more pain than glory for the World 2014 after an absence of 12 years and then hosted the World 2018 where he signed a performance worthy falling in the quarterfinals and even eliminating Spain in the second round. In this article we review the Best Russian players in history:

1- Lev Yashin: known as the Black Spider, This large-scale goalkeeper has been the only one to win the Golden Ball. He did so in part by his agility, partly because I knew play well with his feet and partly because it was a bolt. It became 270 parties with the goal to 0. Always black, was Olympic champion in 1956 and was 20 years defending bats Dinamo Moscow. One of the best players in the history of Russia.

2- eduard Streltsov: Russian Pele. A player different and certainly more creative footballer of Russian history. powerful forward, subtle touch was able to make the impossible easy. Immersed in controversies of various kinds with the communist regime, It was set back from the selection 1968. Previously, He won the Olympic gold 1956 as Yashin and was the top scorer in the league twice. His heel pass was so good that in Russia it is known as Streltsov backheel pass.

3- Oleg Blojín: Born in Ukraine he is currently Ukraine coach. The fact included in this list is that was part of the USSR. And he did very successfully. He was the top scorer of the selection, 42 goals, and the player with more games, disputed, 112. A myth that combined strength and talent.

4- Valentin Ivanov: maximum scorer World Chile, where he scored 4 goals, was the typical front was always between the eyes arch rival. He won the Olympic gold medal in 1956 and claw and definition will always be remembered.

5- Valery Karpin: Russian myth. Class player with a great arrival on the second line, It was one of the key pieces of the selection process in years 90. He spent most of his time in Spain, where he demonstrated his enormous technical quality.

6- Alexander Mostovoi: class serving the ball. A huge player, very good offensive projection definition. Dominated many records, among them, the long pass and assistance, their strengths.

7- albert Shesterniov: Russian plants has been very good. It is the case of this man. Insurance defense, strong and forceful. He was nicknamed Ivan the Terrible and you can imagine why. 90 caps, He never left the CSKA despite being object of desire for half the world. He won the European Championship 1964.

Russia had an incredible batch in years 60.
Russia had an incredible batch in years 60. PHOTO:AS

8- Rinat Dasáyev: It became five times best goalkeeper of the USSR in the early 80. Myth Spartak, also you could see Spain in Sevilla. Dasayev was sober and safe. The effectiveness prevailed on the show.

9- Andrei Arshavin: a genius for good and evil that seems to count for Fabio Capello. Undisciplined, irregular, when you have the day is almost unstoppable. The problem is that their days are not many, otherwise appear in the top positions.

10- oleg Salenko: derisively known as the Russian Vulture, Salenko starred in several unique records. It was the first Russian to play in Ukraine and was the first and only player to score five goals in a World. Salenko was shot and goal.

Salenko was the top scorer World 1994.
Salenko was the top scorer World 1994. PHOTO : Brand

* Note: we do not consider players who did not play for Russia or the USSR as can be Andriy Shevchenko.

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