Coaches who were never professional footballers

Coaches who were never professional footballers
Jose Mourinho, he is one of the most successful coaches who did not reach that level as a footballer. PHOTO:

What coaches who were never professional footballers do you know? Lately it seems that it is fashionable, that to be a great coach is needed before a player being reputable or at least Primera Division. But nevertheless, It was never a prerequisite. Because, today we bring you some cases of successful coaches who never played soccer professionally.

Coaches who were never professional footballers

Jose Mourinho: the controversial Portuguese coach never tasted the sweetness of success as an elite player. However as coach, He has been seen and removed from all colors to become one of the most successful technicians from international football at the same time a benchmark for many. His character and his way of doing things few times leave anyone indifferent. All without having been a top player.

André Villas-Boas: another Portuguese also achieved success without being a professional footballer. villas Boas became one of the youngest coaches to reach European glory. Earliness on the bench and assume that their lack of talent on the field, prevented him succeed as an elite footballer. Something that he did as a technician from very early on. He was an advanced disciple of Mourinho.

coaches who were not professional footballers
Vilas Boas was not a successful professional footballer but he did not need it to reach the elite as a coach. PHOTO:

Rafa Benitez: Madrid was one more of those young people who wanted to succeed, back in early 80, in the lower categories of Real Madrid. An injury ended his dream and could not play at the highest level. Something that caused very young start working on the bench where he came to glory at the beginning of the XXI century. Since then he became a technician prestige.

Carlos Alberto Parreira: the Brazilian coach rose to glory when he became world champion in USA 94 with national team. But nevertheless, as a player, He never played at a professional level which did not prevent him from completing a remarkable career with World included, something that very few have been able to achieve.

Arrigo Sacchi: Italian football changed the outlook of the late 80 and early 90. But it did from the dugout as they never got to step on a stage as a professional footballer. This did not deprive him of being ahead of his time and build one of the best teams in history. its Milan.

Julian Nagelsmann: another case of precocity like that of Vilas Boas. He became the youngest coach to coach in the Bundesliga with 28 years with the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim to which he had previously promoted. And if it was not enough, with 34 years he was already the coach of Bayern Munich after wiping out one of Red Bull teams around the world, RB Leizpig has become one of the new ‘greats’ Bundesliga. As a footballer he played in several subsidiaries until he left football with just 20 years for injuries.

Nagelsmann Bavaria
Julian Nagelsmann, another of those coaches who reached the young elite without having to be former professional players. PHOTO:

Ariel Dutch: The case of this Argentine coach is more unique if possible since he began his career on the benches as a field hockey coach for more than 10 years and where he even became the Uruguayan women's coach in this modality. He began his career as a professional soccer coach at the 44 years and in 2017 led Independiente to be champion of the South American Cup and in 2018 to win the Copa Suruga Bank.

Other coaches who were not professional footballers

Pepe Bordalás, Juan Ignacio Martínez (JIM), Jorge Sampaoli, Leonardo Jardim, Lopez Caro, Pablo Machín, Mané, Javi pereira, Natxo González and a long list.

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