Football teams Red Bull has in the world

Football teams Red Bull has in the world

How many football teams have Red Bull in the World? The brand of energy drinks is closely linked to the sponsorship of extreme sports. Knows that virtually everyone, what at this point after successes like the RB Leipzig, that the Champions League has been played in Germany, also due to meet, is its high connection with the world of football.

How?, the company owns four teams in four different parts of the world. Specifically in New York, Salzburg, Leipzig and Brazil. There was a fifth in Ghana, exerted as uptake academy, but it was closed. All share uniform, colors and shield. In Colgados you present them.

Soccer teams Red Bull for the World

Red Bull Salzburg

Known brand, He entered the world of football by Austria when 2005 They bought the old SV Austria Sazlburgo and put it upside down. They changed uniform, shield, stadium but thanks to the economic power that also acquired the club with this change and led them to win many titles locally and to make the club a classic in European competitions, both Champions and Europa League. At Red Bull Salzburg By the way, the Spaniard Jonathan Soriano swelled to score goals for years.

New York Red Bulls

In 2006 They took to the MLS where they purchased the MetroStars as in the Austrian case, they became the New York Red Bulls. He changed everything and signed big-name players with the idea of ​​selling the brand in a country that consumes everything in nature. Thus came the Juan Pablo Angel, Rafa Márquez, Cahill and of course Thierry Henry, with the aim of shooting the mark. Years later, the project continues to operate in the city of the Big Apple.

Red Bull Bragantino

In 2007 they got into the South American football for the Brazilian market although in this case they did not buy a team and changed the whole, in Brazil directly what they created new, of nothing. They began to compete in the lowest categories of Brazil where they were climbing steps to be close to the top flight. Red Bull Brasil had its headquarters in the gigantic metropolis of Sao Paulo, although its project was less ambitious than in the other cases.. In March 2019, the brand bought the Clube Atlético Bragantino

and merged it with the existing project, becoming the Red Bull Bragantino. Team that has come to compete in the highest category of Brazilian football.

RB Leipzig

Cycling four years buying equipment, in 2009 They were made with the SSV Marktrastadt that militated in almost amateur categories in Germany. As in Austria and USA, completely they changed the whole team though for regulation of the German Federation, it had to look like RB Leipzig rather than as Red Bull Leipzig. The ascent was so meteoric that they went from the last categories to play the Champions League in the season 2017/18 after making a spectacular season in the Bundesliga 2016/17 By the way, the Spaniard Jonathan Soriano swelled to score goals for years.

Teams Salzburg and Leipzig, almost clones and even have faced in European competition

Both clubs share sponsor, shield design, Stadium name, colors, uniform and even in some cases, players. Several cases of transfers between the two clubs. To avoid penalties and to play both in Champions and overall, in UEFA competitions, Red Bull left, on paper, the shareholders of Salzburg and officially, although unofficially it is otherwise, It is only the main sponsor of the club.

Red Bull teams have
Both Red Bull teams have come to face each other in the Europa League despite being from the same owner. PHOTO: GOAL.COM

UEFA's FC Salzburg. On the other hand, Red Bull is the owner of Leipzig. Thanks to this maneuver or ‘trickery’, Red Bull manages to circumvent UEFA regulations and have both teams in the top European competitions where they have even come to face each other. Two clubs that the beverage company has changed the existence. Surely they will not be the last although it already seems more difficult for them to be able to change to a club with more history and tradition.

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