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The goalkeeper has not played any games at his club in eight seasons

The goalkeeper has not played any games at his club in eight seasons
Matej Delač the goalkeeper who after 8 seasons at Chelsea has not played an official minute as "Blue". Photo: Aztec Sports .

Matej Delač did not play in his eight seasons at Chelsea. Professional football leaves are genuine cases “X Files”. Many teams have signed young players hoping that after several assignments forming leave until ready to debut with the team that signed. However we also find such strange cases like Matthew Delač, a Croatian goalkeeper who signed for Chelsea 2010 and the data eye, He did not play any official match as goalkeeper of the London team 8 seasons.

Matthew Delač, zero minute Chelsea

Lo Delac It is a strange case without having played a single minute in any official competition, even one drink, as player Chelsea, He became the longest- player in the club. Such a historical landmark as picturesque as the player did not count for any coach went through the team for a very long cycle and was among 2010 Y 2018 in the ranks of London team.

Until 9 chained assignments Matthew Delač: Speed – Holland, Dynamo Ceske Budejovice – Czech Republic, Vitoria Guimaraes – Portugal, Inter Zapresic – Croatia, Vojvodina – Serbia, FK Sarajevo – Bosnia, Arles – France, FK Sarajevo – Bosnia and Royal Mouscron – Belgium. But nevertheless, He did not dispute not one with Chelsea.

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