Airports without airplanes and soccer fields without a ball

Aeropuertos sin aviones y campos de fútbol sin balón
The Insular presents this deplorable.

Last update 21 January, 2014 por Julio Muñoz

Castellón airport is symbolizing the great economic crisis in Spain. The construction of an airfield in the middle of nowhere that has never been known to use evoke the senselessness of a housing bubble that has led whole deserted farms, ghost towns and buildings never finished. The world of football has not escaped this trend and there are many works that were made at the time and either have not been finished or against are left to their fate.

En total, in Spain there are more than three stages over 50.000 unused people and more than a dozen that exceed 15.000 totally abandoned villages. We review the most notorious.

1- The new Mestalla. The future home of Valencia. The stadium of the future, which it was supposed to be the best in the world when construction began in August 2007 is today unknown. True reflection of the Valencian society, no one knows when and how it will end if it ever ends.

2- The stadium of La Cartuja. World of Seville 1999 and utopian struggle to be Olympic city led the city to build an enclosure which cost 120 million euros and that despite having hosted several finals of Copa del Rey and even UEFA lives a sad reality. On your lawn, Just a few friendlies are played counted under a year.

Así está a diario la Cartuja.
So is daily la Cartuja.

3- Stadium Lluis Companys (Montjuic). Host the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92 and Espanyol for many years, their daily passes into nothingness. Just a few races athletics dot its continuous peace, like last World Junior Championship 2012. Their 57.000 localities seem to be very large for competitions housing.

4- Peineta Stadium: this purpose for many years was abandoned. Now it seems that the 2016 Atletico Madrid will be changed there. For this we are remodeling or rebuilding is expected that accommodates 70.000 spectators, almost all of them covered. You want to be one of the venues for Euro 2020 and a reference of sports venues for the next five years.

5-Lluís Sitjar. Until 1999 Mallorca played on your lawn and up 2007 its subsidiary. Sin embargo, the abandonment of both teams led to the installation that deshabitara and even burn the result of sloppiness. Completely abandoned, the intention is to rehabilitate him to come back the vermilion box 2016, date of its centenary. If this happens, What will happen to Son Moix?

El que fuera campo del Mallorca está abandonado.
The former Mallorca field is abandoned.

6- Helmántico. Salamanca disappeared last summer and thus the professional activity in this landmark exhibition. a party of lower grades but poor baggage for a field that is owned by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration is played on your lawn.

7- Old Condomina: Murcia opened in style New Condomina but this did not mean the disappearance of the old although it was planned to build a sports center. This has led currently witness concerts.

8- Insular Estadio de las Palmas. Until 2003 It was the home of canary club. A pressure cooker where the fans were able to carry on wings to the fruit of the closeness of the stands team turf. Un “illuminated” had the idea to build a more modern stadium with running track and bleachers hundreds of meters of the players and everything was truncated. Much as the current Insular, that can compete messed with Lluís Sitjar.

The Insular presents this deplorable.

Julio Muñoz

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