Football and paranormal phenomena

Football and paranormal phenomena

The world of football is no stranger to paranormal phenomena and is involved in the world of mystery as the great Iker Jiménez would say. We tell you about some situations in which the world of mystery and that of football were clearly related.

Duda saw a ghost in the Levante stadium. Paranormal phenomena in the City

The 1 May 2005 Levante-Málaga was playing in the stadium Valencia City. The match was 0-1 when you doubt, former Levante player, faced the Levante goal with another former granota, Miguel Angel. Between the two, They performed a strange action that ended with a resounding failure in what was a goal sung to empty goal. Up to this point, we can think that it was one more action than what happens in a football match.

The weird thing came when the game ended and Duda claimed to have seen a ghost in the Levante field, that had passed him and that was why he had failed the goal. The topic, he gave for radio and press hours and even information was poured that the Levante club was aware of it and had even reported to the authorities. All this was denied and the matter was a mere anecdote that ended up coming out more than a decade later in Cuarto Milenio.

The strange ghost of Porto's goal

Porto and PSG faced each other in a Champions League match. Colombian James Rodríguez scored a goal for the Portuguese and went to his audience to celebrate the goal. There was nothing special about his celebration but he went around the world. In a photo that took the AP agency a rather spectral figure can be seen next to a child, impassive, with a slight smile. According to the official explanation it was an old woman who could not get up. Judge for yourself the image.

paranormal phenomena in football
Look at the picture and judge for yourself. PHOTO: Of

The UFO that stopped a match

The 27 October 1954 went down in the history of Italian football. According to the chronicles of the time, during a match between Fiorentina and Pistoiese, held before 10.000 people, more than 20 foreign objects that caused the suspension of the match and general fear.

What I saw was something that looked like an egg that was moving slowly, very slow. Everyone was looking up at the sky and there was also a certain glow coming down from the sky, the shine was silver. We were stunned, since nothing like that had ever been seen. We were shocked from the moment we saw it ”, Magnini stated, one of the players of the match. Of having happened in our day, the image would have gone around the world on Twitter and Facebook in a few seconds.

Makanaky's curse

Cyril Makanaky was a peculiar Cameroonian player of the late 80's and early 90's who reached his peak during the World Cup in Italy 90. He went through Malaga and Villarreal among others in Spain, where there was not much trace of him, he saved a certain fame of “fumeta”.

The story of paranormal phenomena comes from his time at Barcelona in Ecuador, where according to legend, the Ecuadorian team left him to duty in 1997 the amount of 200.000 euros. According to legend, the player cursed the club for such an affront and by some kind of spell and some “Makanaky” in the middle, it was the fault of the team not winning a title until the 2012. The peculiar African player stated that he was very happy and that he had not performed any spell. But “Makanaky's curse” it was for history.

UFO over Werder Bremen stadium

A UFO that was seen above the stadium of the German Werder Bremen team. In the late-night of 7 of January of 2014, a kind of unidentified ship was observed about 300 meters from the Bremen facilities, According to witnesses and the videos that circulate on the network, a kind of light was observed that moved in a strange way. Definitely a case of paranormal phenomena.

The matter was not turkey mucus and the authorities, they even decided to close the airspace until the matter was cleared up. “We don't know what it was over there was something”, declared the police spokesman. The subject received no further explanation in this regard..

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