Palmares of Euro

Palmares of Euro
With his victory in 2021, Italy adds its second European Championship. PHOTO: The newspaper

What is the historical palmares of Euro? Or rather, who are the teams that have won the Eurocup the most times?? Italy won his second Euro in 2021, the one that was postponed in 2020 and held in various countries, Portugal broke in 2016 in the Euro held in France with the domination of Spain during 8 years won editions 2008 Y 2012. Spanish btw, They are next to the German selection that more times has been done with this tournament.

The historical palmares of Euro

Germany (1972, 1980 Y 1996) Y Spain (1964, 2008 Y 2012) They are with 3, Sometimes the countries that have won the European Championship. The Germans also were in 3 sometimes as runners-up while Spanish, a, of the remembered failure at Euro Arconada 1984 Platini before France.

Precisely the French with two, Won in the 1984 and in the year 2000 they are next to Italy (1968 Y 2021) They are the third largest European Championships Won. Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia before (1976), Holland (1988), Denmark (1992) and Greece 2004, complete the historical palmares of Euro champs.

Precisely almost all of them have history. Which won the Czechs in 1976, went down in history by the mythical Penalti de Doll, who created a way to take a penalty. Denmark was one of the most curious, as the Danes won the tournament since reaching as reserves were not classified and only participated in the Balkan war and the separation of Yugoslavia. of 2004, which won Greece, He went down in history as one of the biggest surprises in the history of this sport. Portugal 6 draws the 90 minutes, with just one win in regulation time and after spending as a third of their group, He inaugurated its historical record with the first major title of his history in France 2016.

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