The five greatest miracles of football history

The five greatest miracles of football history

Atletico Madrid won the championship of the League 2013-14 against all odds by defeating Real Madrid and Barcelona and turning what was a League two in a league of two it was won by a third. Definitely, the colchonera feat is among the largest in the history of football by the potential difference between the three templates. Precisely, That's one of the things that we ask today: What has been the biggest surprise of football history?

1- Atletico Madrid, League 2013-14. As we said few could predict before the start of the championship that the rojiblancos could if anything closer in the standings to two transatlantic Spanish football. With little money to sign, with almost four times smaller budget and 38 days ahead, the miracle was wrought. Atletico won the league and ended ten years of reign of Madrid and Barcelona. A feat that shows that everything is not money.

2- Greece, Euro 2004. Bets paid the Greek triumph 80 euros per euro bet. They were the Cinderella of the tournament. They started surprising Portugal at the opening in what looked like a casual victory. They drew with Spain and so bizzare got into quarterfinals. France also fell to its security and defense in the final, Portugal again, the host, He bit the dust showing that it was no fluke, but simply Greece was in 2004 the strongest team in Europe.

Greece won Euro 2004 surprisingly.
Greece won Euro 2004 surprisingly.

3- Uruguay, in Maracana 1950. Brazil's World Cup 1950 It was fated to end with victory in Brazil. It was the strongest team, He had come first to the last game against Uruguay (there was no end) and only needed a draw in the Maracana that could hold 200.000 souls. He breaks everything was going nice with 1-0 in favor of white, it was like then wore the canarinha. At the end of the match, nothing seemed to the middle part. The party was over 1-2, Maracana cried inconsolably and Uruguay was world champion for the second time.

4- Nottingham Forest, Premier 1979. In 1975, Forest roamed the second tier of English football without more pain than glory. Brian Clough hand had managed to climb to the First Division, the equivalent of the current Premier. A nice prize that nothing made me think of what was coming. League champion to the first exchange, And for dessert, European Cup. Definitely, one of the biggest bombs of football history.

5- Germany, World Switzerland 1954. It was an unbeatable team, He took more than four years without losing, more of 50 matches without defeat. There were thrashed twice to England, Germany had gotten her a 8-3 in the group phase. not win, but she Is coiling and had the great opportunity to win the World Cup with the German team. 2-0 in the first minutes. It was a formality, until I was raining…and there was the great miracle of football…Hungary had lost in the Miracle of Bern.

The Miracle of Bern is considered one of the great feats of football.
The Miracle of Bern is considered one of the great feats of football.

other surprises:

– The Brazilian side Goiás Year 2010, where I remain 19 and descended to the series ”B” with only 3 won matches reached the final of the Copa Sudamericana, losing to the Independent.

– Liverpool won a Champions AC Milan rallying 3-0 Adverse at halftime.

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  1. also super small teams in their countries that won South American tournaments, as cienciano, League of Quito, Once Caldas…

  2. You forget the, imho, the greatest of all: Rosario Central rallying 4-0 Cruzeiro in the final CONMEBOL.

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