The football of the past vs the current football

The football of the past vs the current football
The way of living football has changed a lot in recent years. PHOTO:

Since the early 2000, football has experienced spectacular growth. The king sport, thanks to globalization, has reached all corners of the planet, which has fostered interconnectivity and closeness between fans and footballers, who sign, every time, juicier contracts, with many zeros in their bank accounts.

Marketing in football

Make 30 años atrás, the situation was very different, because money and sponsors did not have such a leading role as they do now. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi represent the new era of football, where marketing and fashion are part of the new football culture, as well as technology, which is evolving the way of live football

The last point is the most noticeable change and is present in all areas. In old times, coaches used pen and paper during the match. Nowadays, have been replaced by tablet and headphones. The technology to measure performance is also present.

Regarding the public, the way of cheering in stadiums has changed radically. Before, stadiums housed fans with banners, cigarettes, beer cans, etc. Currently, football clubs try to keep fans seated during matches. each one in his own place. No obstante, Latin America still resists change and the fans live the games in their own way.

Regarding appearance, the change is more than remarkable. Fashion accompanies all footballers. Gone are long or discreet hair. Footballers are eccentric personalities when it comes to haircuts, tattoos. Each footballer spends significant amounts of money in beauty centers.

Gyms and recovery

Appearance is very important to players, who spend long training sessions in gyms to have a marked body, not only for aesthetic purposes but to enhance its resistance and, on the way, be the image of a well-known brand. Many dabble in the underwear business, hats, jeans, etc.

Con el paso del tiempo, soccer has become a much more physical sport. Strength training protects footballers, as it reduces the risk of injury. Besides, it gives them greater balance in different game situations and gives them a more powerful movement ", affirms the editor Beatriz Torres of Fitnesspiratas.

Another point that has evolved are the sponsors, that were once an extra in the global budget. Today they constitute the main resource and are present everywhere: on the shirt, in the stadiums, at press conferences, etc. They are the great support of most clubs, especially for millionaire transfers.

The post-match has also changed in football, because it seeks to recover the players as quickly as possible. Some go through frozen water baths to -80 degrees to accelerate the return to the courts.

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