Saviola and Capdevila, two old friends who reunite in Andorra

Saviola and Capdevila, two old friends who reunite in Andorra
Javier Saviola now works in football Andorra, where curiously Argentina is installed with family. Photo: Sportyou

"Fate is capricious", enigmatic phrase such as certain. Nobody knows what the future might hold in every aspect and facet of our lives, even in football. If something is precisely this sport, is uncertainty. If you do not tell that to Saviola or Joan Capdevila.

FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Benfica, Monaco, River Plate…, large teams, definitely. For "El Conejo" Saviola, as well it is known, You can boast of having played in all. And the football life of Argentine striker has been very uneven, to the point that his first steps as a coach are taking place in Ordino FC, set the Andorran league where he works as assistant coach since last September. very different situation for a name you know this game from the point of view of the major leagues, and now look at it from one of the sites that's more modestly.

Same situation has happened to all a world champion and Europe with the Spanish team as Capdevila. After passing RCD Espanyol, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal and Benfica, the left side hurries his last minutes on the pitch also in Andorra, specifically in the FC Santa Coloma for which I ficho this summer.

Both are clear examples that football does not reign in stability, and you're here today, but tomorrow will not know where. Two genuine globetrotters who met one day in Portugal, sharing locker room at Benfica, and now have done it again where, maybe, They never imagined: in the First Division of Andorra.

Carlos Garrido

Carlos Garrido

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