Do you know what the vests worn by footballers are for?

¿Sabes para que sirven los chalecos que llevan los futbolistas?
Do you know what the vests worn by footballers are for? PHOTO:

Last update 13 September, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

Do you know what they are for the vests that the footballers wear? Surely you've ever seen a player of your favorite team with a kind of vest-bra under her shirt and you may have wondered why noses a football player takes it. It has more utilities would seem, some interesting.

The vests worn by footballers, a very useful tool in modern football

We have seen them in the elite of professional football all over the world for a few years and from the beginning they raised the curiosity of many fans. Well then, these vests worn by footballers they have already become a regular garment for players in matches and training sessions, it is a very useful tool for coaches and physical trainers in the modern world. This tool, used to measure heart rate, the km that makes the player and sprints’ Sticking among other things, thanks to GPS that has incorporated.

Besides to improve many of these issues have football these vests use GPS even more useful. And it is that this garment can warn of an injury how? thanks to player data collecting both in training and in matches. Thanks to these data many technical bodies make decisions every week in football elite. All thanks to this peculiar garment 66 grams that is already in practically all the first level football locker rooms.

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