Ryan Giggs, the best player in the history of Manchester United

Ryan Giggs, the best player in the history of Manchester United
Ryan Giggs was in the service of United 23 years PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

For many, Ryan Giggs is the best player in the history of Manchester United. The Welshman defended the Red Devil's shirt during 23 years. Giggs said goodbye to “Dream Theater” he 6 May 2014. Old Trafford fired one of the greatest players in its history, to the man who for 24 seasons he defended the Red Devil's shirt and even managed them from the bench. A player more laureate of history, to the man who from 1991 a 2014 he won almost everything as a Manchester United player.

The best player in the history of Manchester United

when one reads Ryan Giggs' track record he usually gets chills: 13 English leagues, 4 FA Cup, 8 Community Shield, 2 Champions League, 1 Intercontinental, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Mundialito Clubs, 15 Welsh goals, more matches played at club level (910), not a single expulsion throughout his career, and he has scored once in every season he has played since 1991 least in the last, oldest player to score a Champions both (37 years), At the olympic games (38) and so we could continue to write pages and pages…

Ryan Giggs
Giggs had a long career at United. PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

Ryan Giggs, the real Cardiff Express

And this player born in Cardiff 1973 It represents the speed, overflow and quick and fast game par excellence. Son of a rugby player of African origin (his grandfather was from Sierra Leone), Giggs spent his childhood in his hometown until six years his father was transferred to Manchester to play for his hometown team.

One major change that initially did not assimilate well because of the remoteness of their grandparents, but eventually it proved decisive. And it was so, because with 14 years, Sir Alex Fergusson he had already had his eye on him and had signed him for the lower categories of United. A step which ratified 1990, when with only 17 years signed his first professional contract to join the first team.

On arrival at the first team he revolutionized the template. Giggs was a left-footed winger with devilish speed (possibly he inherited from his father physical genes) and a power outsized. His departure from positions lopsided was feared by rivals, because at that speed and dribbling class also aunaba, much Dodge. This made him become an unstoppable player. To make matters worse, he was accompanied by some classmates from the level of Cantona, Beckham, Scholes, Schmeichel, the Neville brothers or later, in the XXI century as Van Nistelrooy superclasses, Cristiano Ronaldo o Wayne Rooney.

A long and productive career

With those ingredients Giggs's career soon explode. In 1993, He added his first Premier League in the new release of the English league format. With a Sir Alex Ferguson in his care (He left not do interviews until age 20 years), Giggs was a key player in the following three leagues conquered within 4 years. To the point that many compared him to the great George Best.

A titles Giggs also scored goals and achieved great goals like against Arsenal in extra time in the replay of the FA Cup semfinales of 1999. A goal that went around the world and confirmed the kind of player who was inside the body of the Welsh. It is considered the best of both the history of the FA Cup.

But its great moment would be a year before, when you achieve the famous triplet (Liga, Cup and Champions) after a European Cup Manchester Bayern snatch at the last minute. A high point in the career of Giggs, which however he did not quite achieve classify Welsh for the finals of any competition.

In the middle of the first decade of the new millennium, Giggs game underwent a transformation, leaving its end position by the inner and mediocentro. His age and the gradual loss of speed made him go to a position that would show his extraordinary vision of game. And that's good, It is good anywhere.

Her good work allowed Manchester to win three league titles in a row and another Champions, accomplished “on the edge” against Chelsea on penalties. The passage of time and his loyalty to the team of his life allowed him to accumulate record after record and leave the bar very high for those arriving.

A busy personal life

Despite its excellent track sports, his love life suffered a hard stick when 2011 two scandals were uncovered: an alleged infidelity with the model Imogen Thomas, and subsequently, another hoax, this time with the wife of his brother: Natasha Giggs with whom he was sharing a bed sporadically for eight years and whom he met at a party with his own brother Rhodri.

An event that caused his own father as saying life would never be the same for the family. And for Giggs, was never distances, inside or outside the pitch. Giggs, un crack. Finally, night of the 6 May 2014, the Welsh, He was dismissed from his audience which was. did it like coach-player, changing itself the minute 70 party and being about to close his career in the theater of dreams with a real goal. It could not be but the trajectory of Ryan Giggs, the best player in the history of Manchester United will always be there. A player, already he blunted at the highest level while some still living our childhood.

Moment when Ryan Giggs says goodbye to Old Trafford after 24 seasons and numerous titles. He does as player-coach of the club. PHOTO: Capture DAZN

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