Footballers with a shocking personal story behind their success

Footballers with a shocking personal story behind their success
Eduard Camavinga was born in 2002 in an Angolan refugee camp. A personal story of overcoming. PHOTO: Real Madrid

There are many footballers with a shocking personal story behind their success.. The world of football hides as is logical, also a multitude of stories of overcoming. Some tremendous, other sad and others simply amazing. Let's remember some cases.

Footballers with a shocking personal story behind their success

Eduardo Camavinga, was born in a refugee camp

camavinga He was born 10/11/2002 in an Angolan refugee camp where her parents had fled the Congo war. Thence, with his more than large family, they marched to France in 2003 where a few years later Eduardo, started playing soccer and his meteoric professional career. In 2018 with scarcely 16 years he signed his first contract as a professional, in 2020 debuted in the Champions League with just 17 years and in 2021 with 18 years he signed for a whole Real Madrid.

I play for my family” said in his presentation as a Real Madrid player. By his parents and 5 brothers that thanks to Eduardo, they managed to achieve the life they had never dreamed of. The best motivation to achieve success and a footballer with a personal story worthy of a movie.

N´Golo Kanté, from collecting junk to being one of the best in the world

Kanté is a different player for many things. The same gives ashamed to ask for the World Cup to take a picture after winning the World Cup Check out some FIFA at the home of some strangers because he misses a train. These things, they show the humility of a great footballer who had a hard time getting where he got. Not in vain, in 2009 being a child, he helped his family to subsist by collecting scrap metal in the suburbs of Paris where he lived in a shack. Another of those footballers with a shocking personal story behind their success.

footballers with a shocking personal story
Kanté went from collecting scrap metal to being world champion. A different player. PHOTO: Facebook

James Blaszcykowski, witnessed the murder of his mother

Polish is one of the best players in your country. Many will remember your way through the Borussia Dortmund but what many may not know is the terrible personal story behind it. When James Blaszcykowski He had 11 years, he witnessed his brother just an argument between her father and her mother, a confrontation that would end in tragedy. His father, Zygmunt, in a fit of anger or insanity, He struck a series of stabbings that ended the player's mother, all before him and his brother.

The Polish Blaszczykowsky lived a terrible experience when he was a child.
The Polish Blaszczykowsky lived a terrible experience when he was a child. PHOTO: UEFA

Charlie Austin, from brick to scorer

In 2008, I was a young man just 19-20 years made his living with brick, a job he combined with his passion, playing football on a team of Pole Town Romantic those elbows English football, muddy grass fields with retro flavor, other times football. Despite being very close to quitting football because of how hard you combine both activities, Britain went ahead and within a year moved from ninth to third tier of English football after signing for Swindon. From there his career was meteoric.

Jamies Vardy, From pub brawler to elite scorer and Premier champion

The Leicester City striker miraculous 2015/16 I do not have it easy. In the beginning he combined amateur football in divisions with a job in a factory. further, he got into a fight and ended up sentenced to wear an electronic bracelet for a while and be home every day at 18:30. Nevertheless, finally he ended up coming and succeeding in this football.

Carlos Bacca, from fisherman to scorer

Carlos Bacca, he worked with 22 years as a fisherman and collector of a bus in Barranquilla, Colombia. From humble family, She had to lend a hand to hers and he could eat. Meanwhile, He combined his moonlighting with football, and his passion for what he really was born although possibly still did not know. A) Yes, in 2009 He had the opportunity to debut in a professional match with the Junior de Barranquilla club that played in their lower grades. From there the story is known.

players with a shocking personal story
With 22 Bacca years sold fish and worked in a bus. PHOTO: Trade

Mavuba River, the footballer who was born in a patera, one of those footballers with a more raw shocking personal story

Rio Mavuba was born in a patera. Son of an international with Zaire in the World Cup 1974, He was born in the middle of the sea while his parents were escaping from the African country. With the passage of time he acquired the nationality of France where he grew up without parents since his mother died when he was 2 years old and his father when he was barely 12. But officially his birthplace is listed as “International waters”. A footballer with a tough and shocking personal history of overcoming.

Taribo West, the gang member who was always said to be older

He became famous for their hairstyles in the late 90 and the controversy saying he had 12 years of officially reflected his card. But he had an even tougher story. In his native Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, one of the most dangerous cities on the planet, when he was 9 years was part of a gang that left after witnessing the murder of his friend. Football him out of there and managed to race in Europe.

footballers with a shocking personal story
Hairstyles Taribo West did not go unnoticed in the late 90. PHOTO: Google
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