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The terrible story of Jakub Blaszcykowski

The terrible story of Jakub Blaszcykowski
Blaszcykowski looking at the sky celebrated his goals in Euro 2012 Y 2016. Photo: AS

Jakub Blaszcykowski is one of the best players in Poland. Any fan will know the fast and skillful Polish international player. Not very high, This is a player of tremendous speed arrival. He captained his country at Euro 2012 and also he participated and scored for his country in Euro 2016 held in France. What many fans do not know, It is the tremendous personal story that drags the excellent Polish player since childhood.

Heartbreaking story, of marking, of which they leave an imprint for life, a mark that can never be erased. born on 14 from December to 1985, lived in 1996 one of the worst horrors that a person can live, especially in the case of a child. When he was 11 years, he witnessed his brother just an argument between their parents, a confrontation that would end in tragedy. His father, Zygmunt, in a fit of anger or insanity, He struck a series of stabbings that ended the player's mother, all before him and his brother.

The shock was such, Jakub was just an innocent child, He spent four days without food or utter a word. He left even what he liked to do, play football. Her grandmother, he hosted with his brother and brought forward trying to instill a difficult normal to find at such atrocious and painful memory, able to knock down any. His father, He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the barbarism committed.

Your uncle, Jerzy Brzęczek, It was at that time captain of the Polish team. And it was one of the most important people to end up being professional and Jakub eventually, one of the best in the country. He persuaded his nephew to keep playing and end up being professional and playing in teams like Borussia Dortmund, Fiorentina and Wolfsburg. His father, He died shortly before the dispute of the European Championship 2012, which it was held in Ukraine and Poland, the native country of "Kuba".

The player requested a few days later incorporated to the concentration of your selection, The reason was none other than attend the funeral of the person who once was his father, before snatching his mother and his childhood,  that person for life marked him and his brother and not for good. He had returned to not see, He had not spoken again but surely felt the need to see, as itself will seek an explanation. The Blaszcykowski himself declared in an interview in Poland:

"I know that memory will accompany me a lifetime. Give everything away in exchange for my mother were alive. The happened, It changed my life, It was as if a rock had fallen on my head and a week later woke up and I had to start my life again, as if nothing had happened. I will never understand what happened and why it happened ".


eternally grateful to her grandmother, without which he could never get ahead, the player, He lived one of the most emotional moments of his playing career the day he scored the winner against Russia Poland, the great historical enemy. That day 2012, in full Euro and playing at home, He scored the equalizer against Russia. To the surprise of all, the player kneeled, with arms pointing skyward and wrapped in tears. The goal was for her, for her mother, the person who was snatched away by the man who called his father and changed his life forever. Gesture repeated four years later at Euro 2016 held in France.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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