The 10 countries that export more players in the 2015/16

The 10 countries that export more players in the 2015/16

You know what 10 countries are more players exported around the world? Football as everything in this world is not oblivious to why globalization, for many years it is normal to see as in any world championship there are players from all over the planet, even the most recondite. These are the 10 countries that export more players around the world.

  1. Brazil: with 1784 It remains the largest source of professional players in the world
  2. Argentina: with 929 It is the second country that exports more players
  3. France: with 758 It is the first European list
  4. Serbia: Balkan export 607 players
  5. Nigeria: with 596 He is the first African in the top ten
  6. Spain: with 497 even though the league is one of the best tournaments and many players are left in it
  7. Croatia: with 477 It is the seventh most players have spread around the world
  8. Colombia: with 440 players the coffee country is among the most footballers have the world
  9. Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo and 391 more play outside Portugal
  10. Senegal: have 377 players scattered around the globe

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