Five players who beat cancer and returned to football

Five players who beat cancer and returned to football

Cancer. A terrible word that puts the willies, a terrible disease that kills people for too long without being able to find a definitive and effective cure for it. But nevertheless, there is always a door of hope, shaped light human examples that show us that sometimes, Ojala are many more, Can you beat. Thousands of anonymous cases that are reflected in public people who managed to overcome. As ours is football and even though unfortunately, many players did not succeed, Today we talk about five players who beat cancer and returned to football.

1-Jonas Gutierrez

It is the most recent case. Greyhound Jonas returned to play with Newcastle English after winning a battle with testicular cancer that was diagnosed last season. The Argentinian, recovered from his illness again enjoy football.

2-Jose Molina

Jose Molina also was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was one of the best goalkeepers in Spain. After more than a year away from the playing fields, he recovered and won the battle with the disease for a few years to play professional football and retire in 2006 Levante. Then he began a coaching career.

3-Eric Abidal

Abidal went through a real ordeal. First they were diagnosed with a tumor in the liver later, I had to receive a transplant in order to live. But nevertheless, This not retired from football and continued playing in Monaco and Olympiakos until he decided to move to the offices. Another example of overcoming.

4-Lubo Penev

Bulgarian was diagnosed testicular cancer when he played for Valencia. The year 1994 and front, He is pointing to World USA 94, I had to change the stages through harsh treatments. Not only scored the goal of his life and went ahead but two years later was the striker of Atletico Madrid doublet and managed to play the World Cup in France 1998. He continued playing several years in Compostela Celta and then become president of a football club and even coach Bulgaria.

5-Arjen Robben

When the Dutch practically started in this football suffered a hard blow, he was diagnosed with cancer. But nevertheless, not only it recovered but later career is well known. Another clear example of overcoming a high level player who had to go through this terrible disease.

Other cases could be that of Argentine and Mono Burgos Roa, also they managed to overcome the illness lasts. On the other side of the coin we could find the dramatic cases of Miki Roque, Tito Vilanova or Wilfred was retired recently but that failed to overcome this scourge that wish and desire with all our strength, once found a cure to which you can access any human being whatever their condition or purchasing power.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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