What were they and how are Barcelona and Ajax before and after Cruyff?

What were they and how are Barcelona and Ajax before and after Cruyff?

Johan Cruyff that has marked an era in the football world that seems not to discuss anyone. With its feared and sudden changes of pace, its easy to see door or unbalancing opponents led the Netherlands to the World Cup final 74. But without any doubt, If someone can be important for the presence of Flaco is for Ajax and Barcelona, the two clubs of their love. In both sets was a player and coach and both achieved more than titles: transform the idiosyncrasy of a club, his philosophy. Two good teams with his arrival became winners.

New working methods, risky tactics and football is rewarded is that if you look at the palmares of a set and one sees that the presence of Cruyff changed the structure of both clubs. Ajax got 9 Eredivisie titles as a player. The Amsterdam club has under his belt a total 32 league championships, of which only 10 They were achieved before the Flaco landed in the red and white squad.

Ajax league titles:

Before Cruyff: 10

with Cruyff: 9

After Cruyff: 13

Cruyff marked a before and after in Barcelona.
Cruyff marked a before and after in Barcelona.

Its importance is equally important in Barcelona. Of the 22 League titles achieved by the Catalan club, 5 They were achieved with Cruyff by, either player or coach. It's more, until his arrival in 1973, the Blaugrana remained 13 years without lifting a league title, Always in the shadow of Real Madrid. And more to change that streak, prompting its presence in Barcelona was a change of mind, the not be afraid of success.

Barcelona league titles:

Before Cruyff: 8

with Cruyff: 5

After Cruyff: 9

Of course, if so far we have talked about the importance of national championships Cruyff, this is magnificent in European Cups. And that only he was able to give three European Cups Ajax and the first of four that currently has at Barcelona. For some it was the most faithful follower of his beloved “Total soccer”, the basis of his thinking.

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