Treadmill, the best ally for the footballer

Treadmill, the best ally for the footballer
Sergio Reguilón is a regular on the treadmill. PHOTO: Sevilla newspaper

The treadmill is one of the best tools that an elite footballer can count on. Today, all professional and even amateur clubs have a fully equipped gym in their facilities to complement field training with weights, ribbons, machines and of course cardio equipment. That is why we find footballers much more muscular than before.

Treadmill, a basic tool for an elite footballer

But of all the teams mentioned before without a doubt the best ally for an elite footballer is the treadmill. During the confinement we were able to check on social networks how well-known players of the first categories from all over the world, they trained at home to keep fit and the star was the treadmill where they threw miles and miles. Something that is also common during periods in which footballers enjoy vacations.

But not only do they use them during that period since it is also an important tool during preseason and recovery days after a day of competition. In these cases, the treadmill becomes a more than important element in the football player's day-to-day life.

How to choose the best treadmill?

Matching the mark of an elite footballer or athlete seems difficult (not impossible) but there are not a few users who choose to have one at home or who go to the gym to use it. But, How to choose the best treadmill? The best thing is that you get advice from professionals on the website of you will find a comparison with the best treadmills.

Sergio Reguilón able to run 12 minutes at full speed

Some as Sergio Reguilon they are true fans of this type of training machine. The Spanish international is one of the footballers who uses this tool the most and shows off on social networks. During the time of confinement we could see how he was able to run 12 minutes to 20 km / h of maximum that marked his tape. Something that seemed little to him for his excellent aerobic capacity and that generated a certain controversy in social networks.


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