The most muscular footballers in the world

Los futbolistas más musculosos del mundo
Adama Traore is a true beast of nature. FOTO:

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Who are the players more muscular World? Seguro que esta pregunta se la han hecho muchos aficionados al deporte rey. Physical preparation, Current food and supplementation, physicists have developed footballers to levels only seen before in the world of Fitness and even in some cases in the body-building.

Football players XXI century, athletes after a ball

Far, muy muy lejos, and those players are skinny or overweight which marked a slight tummy sticking them over trousers. And it is today, especially since the first half of the XXI century, except in isolated cases, almost all players are pure muscle, even the finest in appearance. Players care for their food and your workouts to new levels a few decades ago. Which more or less, to monitor much of their diet, know choose choose suitable elliptical bike one to treadmill correct.

This has also significantly increased the tempo of matches and thereby impacts and actions that require power, strength and speed. As in the case of finite players or 'thick', Gone are those days when he played football walking and other elements prevailed. Test them are also changes in physical preparation, before rudimentary, where he now exercises ball integrate with the use of different fitness equipment such as dumbbells, the discs, elastic bands or own exercise bikes etc..

Los jugadores más musculosos del Mundo

Adam Traore

Animal authentic Spanish player. Adama did not stand out in the quarry of the Barcelona muscle and strength that has subsequently developed.

Adama traore

jugadores más musculosos del mundo
Adama Traore is a beast of nature. FOTO:

Carlos Diego

futbolistas mas musculosos
Diego Carlos stronger than vinegar. FOTO: Sports stadium

Danny Shittu

This beast of nature is the Nigerian Danny Shittu. A mountain of muscles career in English football

futbolistas más musculosos del mundo
Danny Shittu is a human beast. FOTO: The Mirror

Tim Howard

US goalkeeper is one of those players who always liked to work apart from on the green, an electric gym.

futbolistas más musculosos
Veteran Tim Howard besides tattoos, He is a gym fanatic. FOTO: The Sun

Clarence Seedorf

Dutch originally from Surinam, always he maintained an impressive physical level throughout his career. Just you see an image of him when he was almost 40 años.

futbolistas más musculosos
Abdominal Seedorf is no small thing. And we had almost 40 años. FOTO: Brand


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