Five great goals to remember

Five great goals to remember

The goal is soccer sauce, The reason for this sport, The aim of the game itself. Any player looks for, play in the category that is. It does not matter whether head, from outside or within the area, Rebound with any part of the body and even unfair penalty even at the last minute and. The question, mark and if it is beautifully produced, best. Because, in Colgados for football, We have chosen these five great goals to remember.

Eddy Bosnar scored hitting the ball to 200km / h

The Australian player scored in 2012 with Suwon Bluewings T Samsung Korea, one of the fastest goals in the world. The ball caught a speed between 120 Y 200 km/h, a real unstoppable pepinazo the goalkeeper could not stop at the incredible speed of the ball. Bosnar hit the ball with superhuman strength.

Goikoetxea scored a goal flag in USA 94

Jon Andoni Goikoetxea surprised friends and strangers during the World USA 94. His extraordinary season with Barcelona had its confirmation in the finals. In the second match of the preliminary stage contested against Germany, Spanish matador inside the center-chut splendid pulled from the right side which ended introduced the far post of the goal defended by Bodo Illgner.

Mendieta butted ball for history

Hanged for football again look back, to remember one of those great geniuses left for history. In this case we moved to 18 February 1999, el FC Barcelona Louis Van Gaal Valencia CF received the Roman General, Claudio Ranieri. Corner for Valencia Cf, the “Cobra” Adrian Illie He pulled from the corner, surprisingly sending the ball into the crescent area, where it appeared Gaizka Mendieta splicing ball and stick it in the angle Rudd Hesp, a real goal.

Mikel Lasa marcoa from 58 meters

In January 1995, Sevilla,He visited the Santiago Bernabeu. The real Madrid, Hand Jorge Valdano had just proclaimed champion of winter and moving the title of champions. The match progressed quite equaled, when it came to the final minutes with Madrid ahead on the scoreboard. Sevilla was overturned on the area of ​​eternal Madrid goalkeeper Francisco Buyo, when the Basque side Mikel Lasa, He stole the ball in his own area and shot forward. When he reached the midfield line, just 58 m area of ​​Sevilla, He launched a cebollazo that slipped past the keeper, It was advance. A real worthy goal to be remembered.

Seedorf's goal Atletico Madrid

ran the season 98-99 when Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid faced at the Bernabeu. The party was not in favor of Real Madrid acting local. It was then, when he decided to take action on the matter Clarence Seedorf. The Dutchman took a stratospheric boot release of more than 40 meters which came as a bombshell in goal for Molina. goal.

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