The best Portuguese footballers in history

The best Portuguese footballers in history
Cristiano Ronaldo is the best Portuguese player in history. PHOTO:

Who are the Best Portuguese Soccer Players in History? It is a question that more than one fan is watching the Luso combined action. Portugal is a small country in southern Europe that just over 10,5 millions of inhabitants. Framed on the Atlantic in full Iberian Peninsula, his footballing tradition starts in 1966, year he managed to play his first World Cup and reach the semifinals.

Finalista de la Eurocopa 2002 which organized, Euro champion 2016 played in France and won the first League of Nations Cup in 2019, This is one of the most traditional teams in Europe. Good evidence to try to find out who were the cornerstones of the Lusitanian teams.

The best Portuguese footballers in history

Cristiano Ronaldo

The man who has broken all the records in the history of Portugal. Christian is and has always been all ambition. His track record speaks for itself.. Nada más y nada menos que 5 Ballon d'Or and at a collective level with the Portuguese jacket, 1 Eurocup and 1 Nations Cup. Portuguese top scorer in history, player with the most matches for the Portuguese country's jacket and the only one who has played and marked on 5 Mundiales. Christian is without a doubt, the best portuguese player in history.

best portuguese players in history
Cristiano Ronaldo has broken all records with his national team and in clubs. It's for obvious reasons, the best footballer in the history of Portugal. PHOTO:


The Panther of Mozambique He is another of the greats of Portuguese football. Exhibiting against North Korea in the World 1966 still it remains in the annals of good football. Eusébio had scored, physicist, regattas, velocidad, delivery and many more adjectives. 41 goles en 64 partidos They make him the third highest scorer in history. Thereto, we must add its spectacular role with Benfica, with whom he became European champion.

Luis Figo

in the beginning it was a wide player with speed, dribble and a great ability to focus. Posteriorly, He became a total player with ability to hit the ball fouls, to play up the middle, associate with peers and play and play well on target with ease. Their 60 millones de euros, his sounded transfer from Barcelona to Madrid are an indication that Figo was very important at the time played. Is the most times since the Portuguese shirt with 127 meetings. And it was 15 years of service selection.

Paulo Futre

There will be few who already remember this crack. Atletico enjoyed it becoming an idol for the fans. Sin embargo, He was Porto who was lucky enough to see the best of him. Spectacular goals (one of them won a European Cup), played impossible, He was a magician with the ball that was overflowing, velocidad, frantic driving and goal. A genius who played the World Cup 86 with your selection, although it was only a starter in a meeting.

Futre is a big football Luso.
Futre is a big football Luso. PHOTO: As color

Rui Costa

Talent, imagination, fineness, class for one of the best midfielders in the years 90. A crack could have accomplished more but whose track record does not indicate his greatness. He shared generation with several of the best players, he could cover her more than he should have done.

Vitor Baía

Beauty or efficiency or both. At Barcelona he failed and failed but at Porto he became the best goalkeeper in the world. There it was safe, It was well above below, Hand in hand. An excellent goalkeeper whose stay in Barcelona served him little. Es the best goalkeeper in the history of Portugal.


The Portuguese of Brazilian origin was a lung that defended and attacked and had an excellent arrival and mastery in free kicks. An all-rounder’ who was a key player in Barcelona for some time and of course, in the selection, with which he managed to reach the final of Euro 2002. A great player indispensable in any good team.

Fernando Couto

Ricardo Carvalho could surely be in his place, but Couto was a little more than the former Real Madrid. Fue 110 caps (the second most), arrival had more capacity, It was well above, It was safe in the back, He pulled the ball well and had a lot of leadership.


Era el top scorer in the history of the Portuguese national team con 46 goals until Cristiano, man it surpassed records. Pauleta was not anything special. Simply a good scorer with a virtue in football is gold: el gol. he had opportunism, smell, KILLER area that had much on his mind.


It was good, with overflow, gol, Dodge ability to play with any band, but he could not reach the records of Luis even though it improved as the years passed.

Ricardo Quaresma

Cristiano Ronaldo's partner and one of the greatest exponents of a generation of Portuguese football gold. Quality, speed and power at the service of their country. A globetrotter football curiously He not managed to succeed in Barcelona.

the best Portuguese players ever
Quaresma and feathers which Cesar Rome. Photo:

Ricardo Carvalho

Carvalho was a tough center back with a long career in European football. He was the stopper’ of the Portuguese team for many years.


It's really called Képler Laverán Lima Ferreira. But everyone knows him as Pepe. Born in Brazil but settled in Portugal, It is a myth of Portuguese football. More of 100 parties and 15 years defending the Portuguese team. Pepe, es considerado uno de the toughest footballers in history. But it is also one of the best players in the history of Portugal.

best Portuguese footballers in history
Képler Laverán Lima Ferreira. Better known as Pepe. PHOTO:

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