Should you forgive the penalty for accumulation of yellow cards in a final?

¿Debe perdonarse la sanción por acumulación de tarjetas en una final?

Last update 1 May, 2014 by Julio Muñoz

Xabi Alonso will be the most notable absentee in the Champions League final the next 24 May will be held in Lisbon. The tolosarra midfielder was shown a yellow card in the back of the semifinals will miss what will be his second big chance to lift the most prestigious club competition due to accumulation of yellow cards.

Not the first time a player of paramount importance to your team is not in a grand finale. Up to a total of 22 Men have lost the final of the Champions League by reiteration of yellow. From six of 2012 (Luiz Gustavo, Badstuber, daughter, Branislav Ivanovic, Raul Meireles and Ramires,) to greats like Roy Keane (1999), Paul Scholes (1999), Alessandro Costacurta (1994), Paul Nevdev (2003), Dani Alves (2009) by Frank Ribéry (2010) They have been truncated dream of playing the match that every footballer wants.

Accepted the rules from the beginning of the competition, Clearly, it would be pointless to change Alonso will play the final. However, Is it just this rule?, You should change the rules at this point? The answer seems to reflect a trend towards a possible change. Players and coaches have already complained and it seems clear that when there is no violence or intent to harm long way, change can be positive.

Ballack se perdió una final de un Mundial por acumulación de amarillas.
Ballack a final of a World Cup was lost for accumulation of yellow.

FIFA itself has already taken action on the matter and World abolished this rule after contemplating as Claudio Caniggia, Costacurta again (often year 94) Michael Ballack and the finals of the World Cup were lost from this cause. The UEFA, for now, calla, but it is expected that for a short time.


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