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Los jugadores que más tarjetas han recibido en Mundiales
Javier Mascherano is the player with the most cards in World Cup history. FOTO:

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Who are the players with the most cards in World Cup history? There is no doubt that the World Cup is the showcase with everyone dreams of going ever. Sin embargo, there are times when things do not go their way or even out, You need to go to the limit to emerge victorious. This carries with it the consequent arbitration as a yellow warning card or red, in the worst case. Cards in football were created in 1970 Mexico for the World, cardboards usually indicate the degree of danger of the action. The first on the list was the Chilean Carlos Caszely, around that time Levante player. Let's see who are the ones who have accumulated the most.

The players with the most cards in the history of the World Cups

Throughout the long decades of existence of World yellow cards, it must be said that the palm of cardboard of this color takes it Javier Mascherano. The brave Argentine surpassed the negative record of being the player with the most yellow cards in World Cup history en Rusia 2018. It reached the 7 cards and beat an illustrious Brazilian right-back, Cafú, who had seen a total of six in his four world championships. It is followed by another historic football game like Lothar Matthäus, what did you see five in his five World Cups.

Evidently, The more football matches are played, the more chance there is of receiving a warning, but it is curious to see that with four yellow cards, other important names appear, such as Diego Maradona, Michael Ballack o Jurgen Klinsmann, eminent offensive players cutting.

The footballers with the most red cards in the history of the World Cups

In the section of red cards, It is however, where it appears the big surprise. Only two players have seen two red cards in World Cup history. One is Rigobert Song, the cameroonian. El otro, Zinedine Zidane, with two ejections and four yellow leads to FIFA statistics being the player tarjeteado World.

His undoubted technical capacity, his scoring easily collided with the other side that made him lose his temper at certain times and let your team 10 men in important or final matches, precisely as it was reflected in the World Cup final 2006 with his header over Materazzi.

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