When and how the cards were created in football?

When and how the cards were created in football?
In football cards they were created in a curious way.

When and how the cards were created in football? In the world of football when we talk about yellow and red cards, everyone is clear that sanctions are levied on players for unsportsmanlike behavior within the field. But nevertheless, we must clarify that these small colored construction paper have not always existed.

The lack of cards caused much confusion

In fact, from the origins of soccer until a few decades ago, the warnings were verbal, it produced confusion among spectators and coaches, it really is not well knew he had told the referee to the player. Confusions as occurred in the England World Cup 66, where in a quarterfinal match between England and Argentina, Bobby Charlton was sanctioned by the referee word encounter. Given the lack of knowledge by the player himself, Charlton chose to call the press office to see if it had been sanctioned.

When and how the cards were created in football?

A worrying situation that left indifferent to then referees committee member and former FIFA referee, English Ken Aston, that traveling on the same night of the game from Wembley (where he had been held) home he found the solution in the most curious way.

Stopped his car on Kensington High Street in London, he found a light that brought him divine inspiration: if the red was to stop and yellow caution and care in traffic, This could be moved to a field, where the red card would be the expulsion and yellow warning.

And so came the first cards of history

The idea was approved by the full committee of FIFA referees decided that the World Mexico 70 It would be the place where the first cards of history would show. But nevertheless, it would only, cardboards yellow, since the first red would have to wait at 14 June 1974, when he saw the Chilean Carlos Caszely.

The honor of the first yellow mark it fits Soviet Evgeni Lovchev in the opening match 31 May 1970, against Mexico. Surely if today did not exist prized the trencillas it would cardboards bad enough to do their job. And in the world of sports betting, who have already become one of its biggest attractions to bet according to the English page newbettingsites.uk.

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