Totti or Del Piero who was better?

Totti o Del Piero ¿quién fue mejor?
Totti or Del Piero Who was better?

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¿Totti or Del Piero? Who do you love more, mom or dad? one was, It is and will be for ever and ever the symbol of Rome, alma mater, “il capitano”. The other was an icon of Juventus, of lighthouse during 19 años. In both cases, there is talent, leadership, quality and goal. Son y Alessandro del Piero Francesco Totti, two of the best players in the recent history of Italian football and before we pose the eternal question: Who would you choose or you had stayed having had to sign one?

Totti or Del Piero: ¿Quién fue mejor?

Francesco Totti He is the best player in the history of Rome

Totti staged leadership. Jugó 786 official matches, everyone in Rome, his only club as good ‘One Club Man‘, scoring 307 goles, 250 of them in the Series To which make it the second top scorer in Serie A after the unforgettable Silvio Piola, 270 goles, there is nothing. His farewell to Rome's Olympic stadium on foot and a half crying, will remain forever in the memory of football fans

totti despedida
Totti said goodbye to his Roma with the entire Olympic stadium at his feet. FOTO: As

talented playmaker and even 9 in his later years, Totti It is the arrival in the second line. Running in record time. A magician can lift seats viewers with goals flag. Your resume says you a Scudetto, Cups and two Italian Super Cups, but no international or even final title with Roma.

Yes, the selection, with which he managed to be world champion in Germany 2006 and finalist at Euro 2000, although never with the role he assumed one of the best midfielders in the XXI century. Never have been Balón de Oro, nor Silver or Bronze because perhaps he was always penalized excessively to play in the team of his life.

Alessandro Del Piero, one of the greatest talents Italian football has given in recent decades.

On the other side we find Del Piero. Until estilista and Juventus, Alessandro Magno itself has achieved everything that could not Totti at club level. In his letter contained 6 Scudettos, a glass, a Champions, Intercontinental and of course, el Mundial, while also, with a secondary role. 513 parties, 208 goals are their numbers in Serie A, to some extent similar to those of the Roman.


Del Piero had no power or physical deployment Totti, but perhaps his dribble was more precise and even more versatile in the field can play tip, attacking midfielder or even from the side. If the Totti can not be said to be lame precisely, a Del Piero you can apply the artist.

Both represent the essence of the genuine Italian midfielder who was once Roberto Baggio and who picked up another icon, Andrea Pirlo, While this relocated as a creative midfielder. During years, Totti and Del Piero command of Italian football were discussed in the eyes of detractors and supporters. What is clear is that both are two of the best Italian players in history.

Totti o Del Piero
Del Piero is one of the best Italian players in history. FOTO: Ecuavisa

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