Valencia, a machine to grind coaches in the XXI century

Valencia, a machine to grind coaches in the XXI century
Gennaro Gattuso is the last coach crushed by Lim so far. PHOTO:

Valencia has become, especially after the arrival of Peter Lim in 2014, in a specialist in shred trainers in the 21st century. And that the first years of the century brought many joys to the Valencian parish. Between 2000 Y 2004 Valencia was one of the greats in Europe and his fans practically saw the club's golden years.

With two consecutive Champions League finals, two league titles, the UEFA and European Super Cup, those early years of the new century, reference were many young people who had not lived other convulsive stages in the Mestalla club. Although the club's stability has been convulsed since the second decade of the century where, stability, is a word that sounds like a utopia in the club on a social level, economic and sports. Especially in recent years where many have flown, many coaches.

Valencia CF, The Coach Crusher in the 21st Century

To give you an idea, son 20 coaches not counting to Nico Estevez u Oscar Fernandez who led the team in at least one game, coaches who have led to Valencia in 21 early years of the twenty-first century. His replacement will be the number 18. But the indentation comes if we look at the arrival of Lim in 2014, Valencia has had 10 coaches 8 years and almost always, he has finished Voro saving the ballot.

As I read a banner at the Mestalla: & Quot; Thank you Lord Lobo Voro" referring to the mythical role of Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction.
As I read a banner at the Mestalla: “Thanks Voro you are our Lord Wolf” referring to the mythical role of Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction. PHOTO: AS

The first decade of the century tube stability. Cuper started the century although was a year in the club. Benitez spent three seasons (2001-2004) where he won two league titles, the UEFA and European Super Cup. Ranieri turned in 2005 and was just a few months until he was replaced by Antonio Lopez. Quique Sanchez was from 2005 until the early 2007-08 until it was stopped. That year there were three coaches: Quique, the infamous memory, Although Koeman won the last title of the club and Voro, so began his legend who led the end of the season and avoided a scare in the form of descent.

Since 2009 a 2012 there was stability Emery, that despite the constant critical Mestalla, third he classified several times a team only behind Madrid and Barcelona. And from 2012 He came traca. Since then only one season with just one coach, the 2014/15 where Nuno put the team last in Champions. In the 2012/13 there were two coaches (Pellegrino and Valverde) and one interim (as always Voro). In the 2013/14 other two (Djukic and Pizzi) and another interim (Nico Was).

The 2014/15 It was quieter with Nuno at the controls and equipment for the top of the table. The 2015-16 they returned to their old ways. Nuno was struck by a bad start and the remedy was worse than the disease. They brought a commentator who had not trained anyone (Gary Neville) and almost led the team to relegation. He finished the season third coach, Paco Ayestaran who despite signing a discrete numbers, finished renovating. as, Voro also made interim few games.

The 2016/17 it was more of the same. Ayestarán signed 4 defeats 4 games and was fired. Voro saved the situation and added 6 Points of 9 until the arrival of Cesare Prandelli. The Italian did not add many points and given the owners' refusal to bring him signings in the winter market, he decided to resign.

Marcelino and Mateu Alemany, dismissed despite creating a Valencia champion and Champions

The arrival of Mateu Alemany and Marcelino García Toral seemed that they were going to bring that calm that finally needed an entity that seemed to be permanently in Fallas. Between the Balearic and the Asturian coach and his coaching staff, managed to create a champion and assiduous team to qualify for Europe. But nevertheless, at the whim of the club owner, Peter Lim decided to fire the coach and forced the departure of the CEO to end up plunging Valencia back into the umpteenth institutional chaos, social and sports that ended with the dismissal of Celades. A year later, Javi Gracia was fired, coach number 19 and with Voro, again acting as Lord Wolf to save Valencia and further exacerbating that fame of shredding machine trainers.

Bordalás the last victim of Lim

Despite taking them to the Cup final, José Bordalás Nor did he manage to settle in a Valencia where the coaches seem to be removable. A) Yes, the Valencian coach left the club to make way for Gennaro Gattuso who thus became the coach number 21 in 22 years of the century and in the ninth of Peter Lim in 8 years. as, the Italian also left the club and made way for the sixth time since 2014 a Voro.

Valencia coaches from 2014
Bordalás did not continue in Valencia despite reaching the Cup final. PHOTO:

Summary of Valencia coaches in the 21st century

Season 2000/01: Hector Cuper
Seasons between 2001 Y 2004: Rafa Benitez
Season 2004/05: Claudio Ranieri and Antonio López
Seasons between 2005 Y 2007: Quique Sanchez Flores
Season 2007/08: Quique Sanchez Flores, Ronald Koeman y Voro
Seasons between 2008 Y 2012: Unai Emery
Season 2012/13: Pellegrino and Ernesto Valverde
Season 2013/14: Djukic and Pizzi
Season 2014/15: Nuno
Season 2015/16: Nuno, Neville and Ayestarán (with Voro)
Season 2016/17: They Ayestarán, Prandelli Y Voro
Season between 2017 Y 2019: Marcelino García
Season 2019/20: Marcelino, Celades and of course, Voro
Season 2020/21: Javi Gracia and again, Voro
Season 2021/22: Pepe Bordalás
Season 2022/23: Gennaro Gattuso and Voro

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