Rafa Benitez's Valencia, the best team in club history

El Valencia de Rafa Benítez, el mejor equipo de la historia del club

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Valencia's Rafa Benitez, a día de hoy, the last team to win a league to the two great, Real Madrid y Barcelona. It holds almost a decade since Benitez left the Valencia, but many fans "that" those who remember this golden age. Valencianistas for our readers remember the last great history Valencia.

After two seasons in which the club "that" I had the privilege of playing two consecutive Champions late with defeats against Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, Valencia coach was looking for a team in full rebuilding. The outputs of emblems as Hector Cuper, the coach who does not win final and the great captain, Gaizka Mountains, They provoked a summer 2001 moved. Javier Subirats, sports director "that", Rafa Benitez fichó, a technician without much popularity that had obtained two promotions to First (Extremadura and Tenerife), but he had failed to teams like Osasuna Primera or Valladolid. Valencia's council did not trust the coach from Madrid and was therefore made to sign an endorsement Subirats in which he declared himself head of his signing. All were unknowns, with a change in the presidency included, Pedro Cortes had since been replaced by Jaime Orti.

El Valencia se impuso en la Liga del 2002, dos años después ganaría la del 2004.
Valencia won the League 2002, two years later would win the 2004.

After a start in which at Valencia not accompanied him results, we come to the day 17, with the Valencian set in eighth place. In front, Real Madrid of the Galacticos, a Barcelona side with a questionable Carles Rexach and other entertainers like Deportivo and Celta. The whole city of Valencia was not in any betting. With Benitez on the brink of dismissal, It came the comeback of Montjuic 15 from December to 2001.

From that game against Spanish, Valencia began to score victories, lifting the League 31 years later in Malaga with a spectacular headed goal by Ayala. Baraja was the top scorer with seven goals Valencia, participation and involvement of all players was decisive. The system of rotations introduced Benitez made sharer title almost the entire workforce.

The following year the team only managed to qualify for the UEFA Cup, the lack of signings was one of the causes of discreet year of Valencia. But it was in the season 2003-2004 when Valencia won the historic double, winning the league title and UEFA Cup Olympique Marseille for Drogba in Sweden. Valencia was one of the best teams in Europe.

El Valencia del doblete, un equipo muy sólido y contundente de Benítez.
Doublet Valencia, a very solid and strong team Benitez.

Despite not having among its ranks great world stars and lacking a goalscorer guarantees, Valencia and especially Rafa Benitez knew how to take the best from each player. Given that the economic situation was delicate and club directors did not consider coach, when signing players, Rafa Benitez left the club Valencia to go to Liverpool, where he continued succeeding.

Valencia analyzing the successes we were able to establish some of the keys that made the whole "that", was one of the most feared teams in the world. These keys are as follows:

Rafa Benítez: With few signings, He managed to get the most out of a workforce who had lost two consecutive Champions League finals. He regained the team emotionally and gave him a winning mentality.

The system: A team highly ordered defensively, with the best central couple of the moment, Pellegrino and Ayala. The team played very next, They defended all and went to counterattack with ease.

Sharing goal: Valencia did not depend on one player to score goals, in fact only Mista, in the last year of the doublet, It was a really decisive man in this facet with 19 targets. They passed that position players like Angulo, Oliveira, Xisco Muñoz,... but almost all midfield players contributed goals the team, Deck of cards, Aimar, Rufete and especially Vicente.

defensive security. Valencia few goals fit, as we have said had the best couple of plants in the world, but Canizares was also a life insurance and the pair of midfielders helped a lot in defense. Baraja and Albelda were both a nightmare for opposing teams. Also note the defensive role of the side Curro Torres and Carboni.

Benitez's Valencia marked an era whose current example Cholo Simeone Atletico Roma or Rudi Garcia, This last disciple of the Neapolitan coach in preseason 2001. En cambio, Valencia today is nothing like the Rafa Benitez who headed. Recently defeated in Elche and Djukic tightrope, President Amadeo Salvo wants to overturn the situation of the club, The first step towards this has been appointed as sporting director Rufete, but an inexperienced person who lived through the golden age we are remembering.

In May 2014 a decade of historic double of Valencia will be fulfilled, Rafa Benitez is the current coach of Naples and most of the members of that team are retired, but the history of football has a hole for the last champion of the league with a reasonable budget. In a football, marked by business and money, where a privileged few teams raise glasses to hit book, well with signings 100 million or million-dollar contracts out of reach for 18 de los 20 League teams are, it is fair to last more worthy champion, el Valencia CF.

Espectacular imagen que seguro recordarán con nostalgia los hinchas valencianistas.
Spectacular image that surely remember with nostalgia the fans valencianistas.

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