John Lambie, a peculiar coach

John Lambie, a peculiar coach

controversial coaches abound, and we present here some . But on this day, we bring you one that perhaps is not well known, one many stories, of which I want to tell two of them, perhaps the funniest. But before you present it. John Lambie was born in Whitburn, Scotland. He started playing with the Falkrik, club with which he played 199 matches and scored 16 goals, and then retired in the St. Johnstone where he played 103 games scoring 4 goals. He worked as a winger.

Although he is best known for his career as a coach, he was 11 years at the Patrick Thistle, divided into 3 periods. Had a peculiar personality, it was said that he was fond of cigars and pigeon racing. On one occasion, kept playing a striker who had a loss of consciousness, told the team doctor: "Don't you remember who is?… Perfect, tell him it's Pele and send him to the court ".

Another day, he got very angry with one of the players on that team. So much was his anger, who slapped him with a dead pigeon. Bird fan, he carried a box with some dead pigeons to give them a dignified burial, but on the way, started arguing with Declan Roche, who threatened to assault him. So, good old lambie, He took out one of the pigeons and hit the midfielder in the face. Definitely, a man with stories. A character worthy of being a soccer player.

Gaston Humedes


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