Mussolini in Italy obeyed 1938

Mussolini in Italy obeyed 1938
"Beat or die" was Mussolini's message and the Italians kept it. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Italy was crowned World Champion in France 38 for the second time in its history fulfilling the script provided by Benito Mussolini. He “Duce”, I had wished luck to his compatriots in Venice Palazzo before heading to the neighboring country. Not happy with this, the players received a curious telegram from Mussolini before playing the final against Hungary with a most direct and forceful message.

Italy at the World Cup in France 1938: “Beat or die”

In the ‘affectionate’ telegram that the maximum Italian president of the time sent to the Italian expedition displaced to France, you could read the blunt and direct inscription “venced o morir”, He is describing the possible consequences of defeat. The Gridiron, the Italians saved their necks by beating the Hungarians for 4-2 and they revalidated the title achieved four years earlier, thus proclaiming themselves champions of France 1938.


Nevertheless, the road was not easy for the Azzurri, they were booed by the public in all their matches. Besides, on the long journey to the final, Meazza, Star Team, He suffered a slight mishap: played his semifinal match with Brazil holding his pants that had been torn at one point in the match. Even he went on to score a goal from a penalty to “canarinha” hand clutching his underpants.

Italy won and the transalpine players were able to return to their country safe and sound in what was the last World Cup before World War II and with the approval of “The Duke” who years later would end up pretty bad, but that is another story that has nothing to do with football.

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