The 5 best strikers in the history of Real Oviedo

The 5 best strikers in the history of Real Oviedo
Real Oviedo has had great and good strikers throughout its history, for example, Herrerita

Real Oviedo is a large Spanish League. Throughout history there have been many important players who have passed through their ranks. This time we will select the 5 strikers, in our view, They could be considered the best ever.

1 – LANG

Isidro Langara played 8 seasons at Real Oviedo. Framework 165 goals in 142 matches (Photo: Real Oviedo)

2 – Herrerita

It is the top scorer in the Primera Liga Real Oviedo and was part of the so-called Second Front Electric, comprising Casuco, Gallart, Lángara and Emilín, and the Third Front Electric with Anton, GoYin, Echevarria and Emilín (Photo: Real Oviedo)


Carlos was top scorer in the second division with Real Oviedo and swelled to score goals later also in First (Photo:

4- Dely VALDES

Panama managed to score 39 goals in three seasons in the First Division with t-Oviedo (Photo: Youtube)

5 – WAS

Oli scored goals of all colors in the Real Oviedo,both first and second in two steps as carbayón (Photo: Trade)


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