The best forwards in the history of Real Oviedo

The best forwards in the history of Real Oviedo
Real Oviedo has had great and good strikers throughout its history, como por ejemplo, Herrerita

¿Quiénes son the best forwards in the history of Real Oviedo? Let's remember some players who have left an indelible mark in the hearts of Oviedo fans.. A lo largo de los años, This team has had the privilege of having forwards of great quality and talent, who have starred in memorable moments in Spanish football. From the first years of the club to the most contemporary era, Real Oviedo has seen legendary scorers parade who have taken Carbayón pride to the highest levels.

En este artículo, We will explore the history and achievements of some of the most outstanding forwards who have worn the Real Oviedo shirt. From iconic goalscorers to unsung heroes who left their mark, We will discover how these footballers contributed to the club's legacy and earned a special place in the fans' memories.

Join us on this journey through time as we relive the moments of glory of the best strikers who have been part of the rich history of Real Oviedo. This time we will select the 5 strikers, in our view, They could be considered the most historic forwards in the history of Oviedo.

The best forwards in the history of Real Oviedo

1 – LANG

Isidro Langara played 8 seasons at Real Oviedo. Framework 165 goles en 142 partidos (Photo: Real Oviedo)

2 – Herrerita

It is the top scorer in the Primera Liga Real Oviedo and was part of the so-called Second Front Electric, comprising Casuco, gallant, Lángara and Emilín, y de la Third Electric Striker together with Anton, GoYin, Echevarria and Emilín (Photo: Real Oviedo)


Carlos Muñoz He was top scorer in the Second Division with Real Oviedo and later scored goals in the First Division as well. (Photo:

4- Dely VALDES

Panama managed to score 39 goals in three seasons in the First Division with t-Oviedo (Photo: Youtube)

5 – OLI

Oli scored goals of all colors in the Real Oviedo,both first and second in two steps as carbayón (Photo: Trade)

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