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Large pufos of the Spanish League: Pedrag Spasic

Large pufos of the Spanish League: Pedrag Spasic

The agent Spasic. So in this manner called by the newspapers of the time the zany signing of Ramon Mendoza in 1990, a central of 190 cm, balding and pint of KGB during the Cold War. A player, coming to play in the World Cup in Italy held that year but perhaps, There was not any merit to play in a team like Real Madrid. But the 90 They were something else, another world, nothing to see it today.

Born in 1965, Pedrag Spasic was signed in a fit of those who had Ramon Mendoza 200 million old pesetas, a pasture of the time. To all this, the then Yugoslav, It was not the first choice of white club that ended up betting on it after failed negotiations. Over time proving that a team like Real Madrid is something big was.

Spasic in action.
Spasic in action.

He started headline but was gradually losing the title and even he lost his place as a Real Madrid player above, after scoring a header in the Camp Nou but his own goal in an action, that he never would leave the agent Spasic who was forever marked as the man playing for Real Madrid was the best striker of Barcelona, something that provoked the jeers of the time.

Despite signing for four years, Spasic lasted Real Madrid player which lasted the season 1990/91. That same summer he went towards the Osasuna where he spent three years from the 91 al 94 where he scored three goals but that if, the goal. He finished his stay in Spain playing in the ranks of Marbella of the time, that militated in Second Division and returned to finish his career in his country. Pero a Spasic, He will always be remembered as the player who got a goal own goal against arch-rivals.

Spasic will always be marked by a play.
Spasic will always be marked by a play. Photo: Mundodeportivo (1991).

PD: If you do not remember the action that marked the career of Spasic you can see in this video

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  1. Spasic forget to mention that he held in the Yugoslav selection of World Cup Italy 1990. In fact, he eliminated Spain. They say that it endorsed his signing Di Stéfano, But it does not work.

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