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Las mejores anécdotas del Mundial de Italia 1990
Germany and Argentina played the final in Italy 90. FOTO:

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For many analysts international football, el Italy World Cup 90 is considered the worst ever. Few goals (115, what is the average worst ever), thick game most football powers and primacy of the defenses of the attacks marked an issue that for many was a step back in the evolution of football. And it probably was carefully analyzed if everything was the second world championship in transalpine lands after the 1934.

The teams that participated in the World Cup in Italy 90

They involved a total of 24 Selections low as illustrious as those of France (No priest Cantona), Dinamarca (the Laudrup brothers), Portugal (Futre among others) or Mexico, disqualified for forging a sub championship 20 the passport of some of his players. Low offset that in the presence of Netherlands (absent from 1978), Costa Rica, Egypt and the United States to form a total of six groups of four teams each.

A strange world and from the start, where was the surprise Cameroon in the opening match beating Maradona's Argentina 0-1, that in addition to falling he saw how he lost his goalkeeper Nery Pumpido for the rest of the championship replacing him Sergio Goycoechea, in the end of one of the major players in the tournament.

A World that left a relatively quiet first phase, the classification of all the great powers (some with more troubles than others as Argentina won only one match), Ireland qualifying without winning a single match and Michel (hat trick against Korea and goal against Belgium) y Totò Schillaci (convened by surprise by Italy last minute) as best players in this first phase.

Mundial de Italia 90 España
Michel was the star of a Spanish team based on the Quinta del Buitre. FOTO: AS

Things improved from the round of 16 onwards.

Of course, if quiet was the first stage we can not say the same from the eighth, they had some exciting duels. Sin duda, the star crash was the Argentina-Brazil, played in Turin ended Argentine win thanks to a goal of Caniggia after good Maradona.

Whatever the outcome and the elimination of one of the worst Brazilian selections are remembered (despite having Romario, Bebeto, Aldair the Taffarel, among other figures), the meeting will be remembered by the controversy over the Bilardo drum emerged years later about a possible water with sedatives that served to knock out some Brazilian footballers in the middle of the game.

Mundial de Italia 90
With this goal from ‘Pájaro’ Caniggia, Argentina toppled Brazil in Italy 90. FOTO:

It was the only Brazil-Argentina, the only exciting duel of eighth. Spain was eliminated in extra time against Yugoslavia thanks to a goal from a free-kick. Stojković. Cameroon won 2-1 to Colombia after the well-known Colombian goalkeeper René Higuita lost the ball while trying to dribble Roger Milla out of his area and saw how the Cameroonian took off his leather and transformed a goal that in addition to signifying the pass to the quarterfinals became the goal scored by an older player in a World Cup (38 years and 20 days). Record that Milla himself would surpass in the USA 94 four years later by marking Russia.

Sin duda, If the second round were exciting, no less than they would be rooms. En especial, two games. Yugoslavia-Argentina, I was going to be won on penalties by the South Americans despite a failure in the penalty Maradona, and England-Cameroon, settled in extra time with a goal from Lineker who served to keep out the African box, first team from the continent that had reached such instance.

The semifinals and the final of the World Cup in Italy 90 they decided on a penalty

If something tarnished the Italy World Cup 90, were their semifinals, determined both on penalties after two draws to 1. The Germany of Matthäus, Brehme, Klinsmann, Kholer and company would win in England in the maximum penalties starting the English a terrible streak with penalty shoot-outs that would cost more than a few deletions in the future.

In Naples, San Paolo rendered with Maradona, Argentina was going to knock out Italy in an exciting penalty shootout where Diego was going to score on this occasion and where Sergio Goycoechea with his peculiar ritual of pissing on himself, he was going to become a hero by making two saves that were worth a final.

Como no podía ser de otra forma, this end would be marked by two factors had been present throughout the World: the penalty and few goals. It was like this, as Andreas Brehme With five minutes remaining, he was going to materialize a controversial launch from eleven meters that was going to serve to give Germany its third and so far last title and incidentally avenge the affront of 1986 before Argentine.

The culmination of a World Cup game with little, with few figures and Germany Champion. There is a saying among the Dutch fans who say that the poor always winning tournaments by Germany. This time, that's how it happened.

Mundial de Italia 90
Germany was proclaimed world champion in Italy 90. FOTO: Mediotiempo

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