Roger Milla, hero by accident

Roger Milla, héroe por accidente
Roger Milla is a soccer World Cup legend. PHOTOGRAPHING:

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Roger Milla's story is worthy of a movie, a story of those that make the viewer identify and likes the character in question. That of a player who triumphed when least expected, when it was believed that he had done everything, when I thought I had reached the end of the road, and best of all is that even were more.

Yours, like most of his fellow Africans, It was never an easy life. Born in 1952 in the capital , Yaounde, his career is one of those used to write a book. Five years, it was able to tame the ball on the always dangerous areas of land in the capital. Con 14 joining the first major team career, he Ben Eclair de Douala where he would remain for five until with 19 springs was hired by the Leopards of Douala.

Roger Milla, the hero by accident

Albert Roger Mook Miller better known as Roger Milla, he had carved out a career as a footballer from a very young age, playing at home and in France during the decade of the 70's and 80's. With mixed fortunes in France and being an idol in his country, participated in the World Cup 1982 in Spain and he won the Africa Cup 1988 with Cameroon. In 1989 He retired from football and went to live to Reunion Island, in the Pacific. So far normal.

The extraordinary thing about this story comes when, Roger Milla She was sunbathing peacefully at his home in Reunion Island and received a call from the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation. The purpose of the call, was none other than asking Milla, to participate in the World Cup in Italy 90 to the surprise of this that 38 years at that time, enjoyed earned retirement after a good race.

Roger accepted the offer and went to the finals where everybody thought that Cameroon would be mere stooge and he almost 40 years, a decorative figure. Besides, the first game did not invite optimism. They were going to face the champion of the previous edition, to Argentina Diego Maradona.

Italia 90, Roger Milla's World Cup

That game was one of the surprises capital that has given the history of football. Cameroon beat Argentina for 1-0 y Roger Milla, He came off the bench although he did not score in that game. Our protagonist was going to make history from the second party.

Cameroon faced against Romania, in the minute 58, when the striker jumped onto the pitch, Halftime score tie one. Milla scored two goals that gave victory to his team and set its name in the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest player to score in a World Cup, pulverize record a few years later, in USA 94.

Cameroon went to the second round and there confronted Colombia, it was another of the sensations of the tournament. And in overtime, Milla was going to make a new machada for history, It would mark the two goals that gave the pass to Cameroon to the quarterfinals for the first time in history for them and for the first time ever for an African team.

René Higuita's serious mistake

The second one, Highly remembered after a determined run eccentric Colombian keeper Rene Higuita, who tried to dribble Milla, This stole the ball and sealed the game in the face of astonishment of Colombia.

In the quarter they fell with all the honor of the world against England, losing for 3-2 and where Milla, again he gave a masterclass, forcing the penalty first goal of theirs and attending to the second. Here ended the path of Milla in the Italy World Cup 90, but it would not be his last World.

Fame, worldwide recognition and honor had come when he least expected it, when he was already enjoying his retirement on an island paradise in the middle of the ocean. Roger Milla's name was engraved in history forever. He finished the tournament with four goals and his image dancing in the corner flag to celebrate goals went around the world.

Yet he returned to play and score a goal in the World Cup USA 94

But the story of Roger Milla in World does not end here. Four years later, being more removed in 1990, He was recalled to play again with Cameroon, this time in the World Cup USA, in 1994. Con 42 years and being now if a mere figurehead, had time to score a goal against Russia and become again the oldest player to score in a World Cup.

Besides being the only African player to play three World. This time Cameroon had a low profile but he, He put his name inscribed in history forever. Roger Milla, certainly a hero by accident.

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