Maximum African scorers in World Cup history

Maximum African scorers in World Cup history

Brazil 2014 It is World of Records. Colombian Faryd Mondragón overcame Roger Milla's record as oldest in the history of World player to play your 43 years and 2 days. However, It was not the only record in the history of the World Cup Cameroon striker who lost mythical. To quote from Brazil, Africa was also the top scorer in World Cup history, record who lost Asamoah Gyan hands. Next, to where four top African scorers in the history of the World Cup.

1-Asamoah Gyan

Six goals in three World. He “3” Ghana went to the history of African football at the World Cup Brazil 2014 with his two goals to Germany and Portugal. Ghana beat Roger Milla which until now held the record scorer 5 goals. Gyan, He scored twice in Germany 2006, two in South Africa 2010 And as we have said before, his other two goals in Brazil 2014, which also it allows you to enter the list of players who have scored in three consecutive World.

2-Roger Milla

Cameroonian myth that we tell their peculiar story a while ago, frame 5 goals though curiously his thick agglomerated scoring two of the three FIFA World Cups played. In Italy 1990 con 38 year scored four goals while in USA 94, already with the 42 compliments, He scored the consolation goal in the goals fitted to Russia. That game left two records still in force in the history of the World Cup: six goals scored Oleg Salenko him only one game and Roger Milla goal remains the oldest player to score in a World Cup event.

Roger Milla scored 4 goals in Italy 90 like this you got to Higuita.

3-Samuel Eto'o

Samuel Eto'o is one of the best strikers in the past 10-15 years. His successful career in European football has not yet been endorsed his selection, with which he has played several World Cups. The Cameroonian scored in Korea and Japan 2002 and two in South Africa 2010. In Brazil 2014, and clearly downhill of his career, He left his marker to zero in the only match played.

4-Papa Bouba - The Best Of Bouba Diop

Senegalese Bouba Diop has the same record goalscorer Samuel Eto'o in World Cup history but with fewer appointments disputed. Senegal player, He scored three goals in the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002 getting into this particular list that shows that African football despite its enormous natural potential, it still does not emerge in forms together in a big event like a World.

Bouba Diop celebrating his goal to France 2002.
Bouba Diop celebrating his goal to France 2002.

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